Winnipeg Jets Pregame: The Circus Has Left Town

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Craig Brownstein of PuckBuddys. Tweet at ’em.

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Malcontents, flamers, and haters: Gentle readers, Doug is taking a pass on the WPG pregamer and it’s in my mostly capable hands today. True story – He’s penning his RMNB resignation letter and is negotiating with the New York Times on placement, word count, accompanying artwork, and possible liability issues. If I’m reading his RMNB pregaming instructions correctly (which he scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin), this is where I: A. Write opposing team’s city smells. B. Call their fans are ill-mannered, uncultured, uneducated, slovenly, and slack-jawed. C. Say opposing players are “stupid morons with ugly faces and a big butts and their butt smells and they like to kiss my butt.” D. Sit back and enjoy the smug satisfaction of being a hockey blogger.

But no. This game, the march to the playoffs and the gravity of the Caps precarious spot requires much more than just infantile name-calling. The seriousness of the situation screams out for far more elevated and sober commentary, which in this case means adolescent hectoring. And I’m the right man for the job.

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Over the last few months, Alex Semin has been one of the most consistent and productive players on the Washington Capitals. He leads Caps forwards in scoring chance percentage (minimum 30 games), he is tied for second in scoring, and he recently went ten games without committing a penalty.

But despite his achievements, Sasha Minor’s media presence is low. He rarely gives interviews in English or Russian, but we’ve learned to adapt. We’ve invented new ways to cover the Caps’ enigmatic star. And these paparazzi-style images are one such example.

Today, via the lovely and talented Caps Girl (read her blog now!), we give you Semin’s failed attempt to prank Nicklas Backstrom during today’s practice.

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On March 12th, the MHL, the KHL’s developmental league, held an All-Star game for under-18 year-old players in Cheylabinsk, Evgeny Kuznetsov’s hometown. KHL president Alexander Medvedev attended the one-day event and made time to meet with the local press. When asked his opinion about the future of the league’s most popular player, Medvedev responded, “Kuznetsov would be better playing a couple more years here.”

Apparently Kuznetsov agrees with Medvedev, because today on KHL-TV’s “The Icing Show,” the 19-year-old Caps prospect revealed that he will stay in Russia next season.

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