Over the last few months, Alex Semin has been one of the most consistent and productive players on the Washington Capitals. He leads Caps forwards in scoring chance percentage (minimum 30 games), he is tied for second in scoring, and he recently went ten games without committing a penalty.

But despite his achievements, Sasha Minor’s media presence is low. He rarely gives interviews in English or Russian, but we’ve learned to adapt. We’ve invented new ways to cover the Caps’ enigmatic star. And these paparazzi-style images are one such example.

Today, via the lovely and talented Caps Girl (read her blog now!), we give you Semin’s failed attempt to prank Nicklas Backstrom during today’s practice.


Sneaking along the boards…

Stalking his prey…

When an idea forms…

And he reaches for a water bottle…

Secures the bottle…

Looking up…




He’s returning fire!


And abandoned…


Forever alone.

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  • boutros23

    Is there anything better than seeing that big smile on Nicky’s face? Bless you, Sasha.

  • Scottrun311

    Well, we don’t have Bad Sasha anymore, but that certainly looks like Sad Sasha. 🙁

  • Always bringing smiles to the team.

  • ReneeMLC

    What a weirdo, but I love him

  • Pattyo

     This is why Sasha has quickly become my 2nd favorite player. LOVE THAT GUY!

  • John Shisler

    Just Sasha being Sasha.

  • jack

    That last picture is PRICELESS. “Forever Alone” indeed.

  • serpent

    Awww–Huggy Bear needs a hug!