Video: Stubhub’s “I Love You, Ticket Oak” Commercial

We’re not getting paid for this or anything*, but this video is so demented it screams for a signal boost. StubHub’s Ticket Oak campaign ran a commercial during the Caps-Hawks game, which we’re mostly trying to forget. Something about the ticket hair, or the tree’s cheeseball voice, or the strabismus at the end– it just sticks with you.

Next time I’m looking for after-market tickets (which will also be the first time), this delightfully creepy memory will reassert itself and then StubHub will have their precious viewer-to-customer conversion. Damn them.

World: more weird stuff like this, please.

* NOTE: If you want to pay us or something, we’re like totally listening.

  • Ritchey Sean

    I’ve seen my friend on acid have the same conversation with a tree before

  • Deathless

    I could not believe this commercial, thought maybe I was hallucinating. I almost wish that had been the case. That said, I recently got a sweet deal on a Caps ticket through Stub Huband will probably use them again, despite this demented commercial.

  • Ticket Oak, you are kind of really terrifying. 

  • Peter

    Related but not really: my niece ruminates on where black olives come from 

  • Bought my Jets/Caps tix for Friday through Stub Hub and they accidentally (“accidentally” as in I forgot to update my address online) sent my tickets to my old address.   They had awesome customer service.  Hunted down the seller to see if they could reprint (they could not) and even sent FedEx back to the old address to retrieve the package for me…3 times!  I’ll make firewood out of that Ticket Oak tree any damn day.

  • Also, you guys are smoking too much weed.

  • Ticket Oak, why do you have one bad eye?

  • Game Goer

     Ticket Liquidator’s “Toastie” is WAAAYYY better than stoopid Ticket oak:

  • vanessa

    Whose voice is the ticket oak?