Merch Alert: Alyssa Milano’s Washington Capitals Jeans

Maybe this is just news to us, but whoa!

Alyssa Milano, star of Embrace of the Vampire and Poison Ivy 2: Lily,  has a clothing line called Touch. Touch has designed blue jeans with a Caps weagle on the butt. Now I’m not saying this is a must-buy, but you literally MUST BUY THESE.

From the product description on Modell’s:

Want everyone to know what your favorite team is while out on the town? In these Washington Capitals denim jeans from Touch by Alyssa Milano everyone will know. The traditional washed jeans have vintage leather team logo appliques on both back pockets and team logo embroidery on front pocket.

Samantha Micelli

There’s no reason to believe Milano, who is thankfully not actually related to Tony Danza, is a Caps fan. But she’s got a pedigree in fashion design, and also she played Michael Mancini’s sister on a few episodes of Melrose Place. I’m not sure what that last part has to do with anything, but I knew it without having to look it up.

Just buy the things. Or at least, be thankful we live in a world where you can watch hundreds of hours of Charmed in your dorm room and then write a blog post a few years later without even hitting up imdb.

Thanks to eBagel for the heads up. She also recommends checking out these insane boots.

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  • Christineinnocenti

    Imma so gonna be getting these!!

  • Dawn

    Definitely getting those. 😀

  • serpent

    These and the boots–if you happen to be able to pay for all that–WOW! Especially if you also look like the model : )

  • Domico

    these are sooo last year