Winnipeg Jets Pregame: It’s Payback Time

The Jets are five points behind the Caps with one less game played. They have the worst road record in the Eastern Conference.

And since this happened, Alex Ovechkin has scored four goals in three games. Thanks a bunch, Winnipeg!

It’s been a long time since Verizon Center has seen their boys. How will we greet them? And how will we welcome the Jets, whose fans have been so snarky lately?

A few suggestions:

  • Let’s go Thrashers! CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP
  • P-A-R-K / Your kids got no place to play / Winnipeg ooh ooh Winnipeg!
  • Jets, you suck! Jets, you suck! ExceptforyouEricFehryou’recool! Jets, you suck!


Want to bring a sign to the game tonight? There’s no better option than what Brendan Sheridan just sent to us: The Stay Puft Byfuglien Man.

Click on this bad boy above to get the full version and print it out! We want to see one on the glass tonight.


  • Photoshop Guy

    Anyone should be encouraged to print these out in mass. 

  • ToeDrag19


  • brian!

    Oh man if the Thrashers one breaks out, that would be spectacular!

  • I’d rather yell “Ovie’s better” since the douchey Jets fans were yelling “Crosby’s better”, but that’s just me.

  • Danny E

    The man can’t stop gaining weight I just dont understand

  • serpent

    Did you really post that, Big T.? Awesome,dude! Let it rock all bloody night!

  • serpent

    Ought to go over big and there’s no produce dept. mentioned……

  • serpent

    One of these days, he’s going to go down and completely turtle and won’t be able to get back up and 99% of the league will turn blue with laughter. 

  • HoldenCox

     But I don’t understand…? Crosby IS better.

  • Crosby’s gay! Crosby’s gay! Oh wait, you don’t support that one. I guess making fun of Byfuglien for his weight is cool, though.

  • serpent

    Better than what?

  • serpent

    It wasn’t that long ago that chirping at Ovi for his belly was the big thing. Ovi’s in shape. Byfuglien’s –ah, er….well, refer to photo above.

  • Jets fans were just speaking the truth.  That’s what’s really making everyone here so angry, isn’t it? 

  • Peter

    Yep. He is.

  • Peter

    Still awesome though.

  • Peter

    Who says we’re angry? Ovi loved it and responded and we fans love the heightened rivalry. It’s all good-spirited ribbing.

    If we were angry, we wouldn’t be making jokes about Winnipeg parks.

  • Peter

    This comment is from Puck Daddy’s headlines (

    Re: Caps/Jets chant… the article mentioned Atlanta, so how about “YOU’RE THE THRASHERS” clap clap clapclapclap
    Oh wait the Caps wait will have to wait to be prompted to do that by the scoreboard or the genius that brings the horn

    Responses, anyone?

  • Peter

    I’m on it.

  • Danny E

    Waiting for Goat