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While the glove kiss remains Alex Ovechkin’s first reaction to scoring, we’ve seen him add new flourishes over the years. There’s jumping into the glass and the hot stick fiasco, and now it’s time to add a new item to the list: the belly pat.

We like to think of it as the gestural companion to “attaboy”, something that a four year-old boy who just learned how to eat with a fork might do when he’s pleased with himself. It’s a thing of joy, of bravado, of that precise brand of smugness that makes Ovi so lovable to his fans and so infuriating to everyone else.

Ovechkin is hot and he knows it. With 9 goals in 9 games since the Washington Post’s “What’s Wrong With Ovi” story, he has climbed from obscurity to fourth in the league’s goal-scoring race. Read into the belly pat however you want. We think it means something like this:

That was nice, but I’m hungry for MOAR.

For his part, Ovechkin is being coy about the new move. Talking to Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post, Ovechkin laughed it off: “I do it before, I think.”

So far, from our count, Ovechkin has done the belly pat after his last five goals.

March 19, 2012, Against the Red Wings

At 31 seconds.

March 22, 2012, Against the Flyers

March 23, 2012, Against the Jets

March 25, 2012, Against the Wild

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  • david p

    dude’s just hungry for goals :) i can dig it!!

  • Claus Christopher Moberg

    the belly pat needs a tshirt

  • Sentientcheese


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  • Guest

     two hand prints and reads “pat belly here”

  • Chris Mac

    I have a feeling it’s a little sign to all the haters who called him fat.  Maybe he’s back to hid old self: no gut, just guts and goals.  

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  • Jenn Maxwell

    I think he’s making a statement based on all the weight comments made over the past season. It’s awesome to see him begin to overcome all of this nonsense. It’s nice to see glimpses of old Ovie as games go by.

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  • brian!

    Love it!

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  • Ian Oland

    How about two outlined handprints with the text “Pat” and “Here” inside. Then the text underneathe of “For Moar Goals.”

  • Mike Plant

    maria kirilenko is pregnant and its a shoutout to the unborn baby

  • serpent

    Now, they’re both adults and they know how babies happen. I’m sure they have more sense than to do something stupid like that.

  • A-town down

    Just thought you’d all at RMNB liked to know, Ted devoted a blog to this article. pretty epic.

  • Ian Oland
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  • Zonkerbrainless

    Is the fourth one Ukrainian?  I can only understand like half of it.

  • Rhino40

    “Get.  In. Mah. BELLY!!!!

  • Alexander John Deily

    Glove kiss? Think that’s just him taking his mouthpiece out…

  • Hungry

    If he gets a hat trick maybe he will go for the “pat my head rub my tummy” move…