Boston Bruins Pregame: Win or Else

Talk is cheap. Get pucks deep. 7 PM on CSN.

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  • Dan

     I’ve got a bucketful of kittens suspended by a mostly frayed rope over an active volcano. WIN OR ELSE.

  • hahahaha

  • GovtMinion

    Unfortunately it’s Ovechkin holding the gun, so as soon as the dog moves he’ll try to pull the trigger, drop the gun, and comically shoot himself in the foot while the dog scores a wicked shorthanded goal.


  • Zbh23

    Best. Pregame. Ever. NOW GO F!@#ING WIN!

  • GovtMinion

     (I should admit that I have no dog in this fight, since I’m a longtime B’s fan… but the Caps need this one a hell of a lot more, so I’m hoping they win… in overtime.)

  • LuAyne Brown

    Win or your out of the family!

  • KareeLyn

    I kept clicking expecting a full article to load.  But I guess the title and the picture really say it all…

  • John Shisler

    No animals were harmed in the making of this pre-game report?

  • John Shisler

    I think the “Talk to cheap” line says it all. LOL!

  • Dan


  • LuAyne Brown

    Win, or your out of the the family!!!

  • CDizz

    Best. Pregame. Ever.

  • Dan

    AND THE PUPPY LIVES! (…this time…)

  • serpent

    Your wish is our command,Oh, Mighty Minion 🙂