Matt Hendricks Embarrasses Tim Thomas in the Shootout

By now we all know Matt Hendricks has Serious Shootout Skills. But the shootout is a gimmick, a sideshow that decides games for no good reason except to entertain fans. The shootout never really meant much… until tonight.

Dale Hunter signing Matt’s name on the shootout roster was like signing a new lease on life for the Caps’ season. Maybe Tim Thomas didn’t do his homework on Hendy’s skills, or Hendy used freaking mind bullets. TT froze like a deer and let #26 skate around him. Awesome, twisted, perfect.

Thomas didn’t really recover from that. He stopped Ovechkin’s shot, but Semin’s and Laich’s moves bested him, and the Caps took two infinitely important points away from Boston.

Plus, the Free Citizen looked like a chump, and that’s like bonus points.


Via Chris Gordon

Via Dimagus

  • hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Priceless

  • I do love Tim Thomas … but those gifs are HILARIOUS!!

  • Duder

    Swing and a miss!!!!!!

  • Marty Turco uses mega punch on Tim Thomas.

  • Stephen

    Turco’s stronger than he thought

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  • A Shinny Goal

    Gotta love Joe B. laughing at Thomas on his back!  

  • Jon

    I can watch this over and over… Haha, nice job Hendy, you broke him!

  •  you guys should probably get permission to use this next time you reference the bruins too:

  • Argh, I totally would have won the Pick ‘EM contest if Hendy had been last! I even called the shootout.
    Oh well, GO CAPS!

  • serpent

    I hate the shootout crap,rather have ot keep going, but that bit last night was insane! Hendy, man, I hope they never figure him out. He’s a not so secret weapon. Sasha, baby, needs a humangous hug! And, Brooks?! who’da thought? Fan-freakin’-tastic! All of that would not have been possible without Wides and MoJo doing their thing in the first place.Another heart attack game.

  • serpent

    I’m a TT booster,too,Sonja and you’re so right . tsk. Poor baby’s got to so down today.

  • Jacksonmileslee2000

    Suck it Thomas you deserves it

  • Rhino40

    I have loved some of the comments
    I’ve read around the web on last night’s shootout win almost as much as the shots themselves–and their respective
    Beat him like a rented mule




    faked out of his [pants/skates/jock/all of the above]


    mit dem Dosenöffner

    avec le ouvre-boîte

    kun la Hundo-malfermilo

    pitched a fit

    threw a tantrum

    can’t play baseball, either

    or walk down the tunnel, for that matter

    Vive Le Brooksi!”

    Jsem lepší brankář než ty!

    USA Prime Credit This Is
    Peggy Can I Help? hahahahahahahaha!

    Tie sať, Zdeno, a ja ťa nenávidím!

    Nej köttbullar för dig, Timmi- kom tillbaka ett år!

    Of course, the best one of all was: 
    Caps win

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