The Capitals held practice after taking their 2011-12 team picture on Monday. Practice wasn’t too serious though, and  Matt Hendricks thought it was the right time  to teach Mathieu Perreault the finer points of fighting. Notice how he manhandles Perry and Carlson and uses the a headbutt to finish them off.

Here’s hoping Perry never decides to drop the gloves in an actual NHL game.

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S/T to @phaceoffhockey for the video and for posting it!

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  • Scottrun311

    who shot this video!?

  • Guest

    Scared he may fight like Semin? Uh oh!

  • Ah, but there’s the element of surprise if he ever *did* drop the gloves. If he got in one good punch then ducked and covered, unlike that guy at the Moontower in Dazed & Confused, he might get away with it. Or… no. For the love of all things holy, Matty, go fetal. Please.

  • gotta love hendy!

  • CA

    Bahaha Hendy 😀