RMNB Party 4: Saturday, April 7 @ Front Page Arlington

RMNB Party 4: Judgment Day

Welp. We’re here. The end of the season is scant days away, and we don’t yet know the Washington Capitals’ future. We could be looking at the first Caps year without a playoff since 2007– or we could be looking at kind of decent seeding. Every day narrows that spectrum, but the final result will be revealed on April 7th, the final day of the regular season. On that day, the Capitals will play a road game against the New York Rangers, current occupants of the #1 spot in the conference.

It’s a huge deal, so we’re throwing a party.

Come to Front Page Arlington on Saturday, April 7, for the Russian Machine viewing party and so much more. We’re calling it RMNB 4: Judgment Day. Details after the jump.

When? Saturday, April 7,  5:30 PM until whenever. Game starts at 6:30.

Where? Front Page Arlington, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22203. Right next to Ballston Mall and Kettler Capitals Iceplex

What? RMNB Party 4: Judgment Day. Viewing party for game 82, WSH @ NYR.

Who? You. Us. Any hockey people we can guilt into showing up with the promise of a free drink.

Why? To end the regular season, learn the future, and do it together.

RSVP now. It’s not mandatory, but it’s fun.

This is Peter’s “poster” for the party. He’s proud.

Our previous parties at Front Page have been the stuff of legend. We have made love out of nothing at all, turned lifelong friends into bitter enemies, and generated enough social-media activity to annoy the people who didn’t show up.

And the Front Page is a terrific establishment. They were recently voted best place to watch a Caps game. They’ve got a great beer selection an awesome staff, a good location, and a French dip sandwich that is so good it will make you reevaluate your life decisions. They’ll be bringing back their Ovi Burger (we’ve had it; it’s scrumptious) and busting out some specials for the game.

After the game (which we SHALL NOT jinx), we’ll be shifting to party mode. We’ll be running a few activities, including the debut of our trivia quiz, SO YOU’RE AN EXPERT? with Peter and Ian. More details about that will be coming, but for now rest easy knowing there is schwag to be had.

It’ll be a laid-back vibe, so please feel no pressure. Wear your Caps red or top hat ‘n’ tails. Show up early. Show up late. Come in alone and make some friends. It’ll be fun. Promise.

Literally everyone everywhere is invited. If you’re thinking, “Well, that doesn’t include me; I’m [under 21/over 50/a Rangers fan/the person who keeps commenting about Enrique Iglesias].” Wrong. You belong. You are wanted. You are invited.

See you guys at the party.