Capitals Fans Celebrate The Comebackstrom

Photo credit: Mitchell Layton

Heading into Saturday’s game against Montreal, Caps fans were excited. For the first time in 3 months, Nicklas Backstrom — Washington’s premiere first-line center — would play in an NHL game. With a handful of contests left and their grip on a playoff spot tenuous, this was literally the best news ever.

Like usual, our readers were a bit creative/bizarre/I’m-not-even-sure-what in expressing their joy for Backy’s return. So weird, in fact, we documented it below. Let’s review!

The Creative

Priscilla A. (@pc__tweets) should have just drawn Jesus and sold it on eBay, but who are we to judge.

Perri (@not_a_platypus) tells us that she writes NB19 on her arm before every Caps game. Not shown: the “TIESTOHEALS” inscription on her right wrist.

@depeloubet calls this the Comebackstrom Pizza. I call it, um, a Pizza with Extra Swede.

@fillpot227‘s cat Zola knew exactly where to perch as soon as she heard the Backstrom news. But she probably was just moved there. Still cute.

Savanna D. (@SavvyCake) tells us she wore these custom made shoes.

@PenSuck87 did what every good college student does — put up ridiculous wall art.

Here’s longtime readers @amberlynne and @hotpinkhope sporting their ‘Swedish Mafia: Efficient, But Deadly’ t-shirts (featuring Backstrom and Johansson’s autographs) at the game. Not shown: Chris waving like an idiot from the press box.

Here’s Heather H.’s lovely sign she held up for Backstrom during warm-ups.


Wow, this chorus is pretty catchy. Great work, CAPS Basketball! Check out the lyrics here.

Garoun (@Loupyn) sent us this during the game. So who’s Skeletor in this metaphor?

Jersey Tributes

Chris (@GoCaps22) shows off his Backstrom jersey at the Preds game. Way to get up on the glass, dude! That takes some real stones!

@DanHicksy spotted this fan wearing Backstrom’s Swedish Digs in the Caps Team Store before the game. We all feel fancier already.

Jake S. (@K1ngSm3ar) tells us he wore his Backstrom jersey Saturday for the first time in 90 days. She wasn’t the only one.

Here’s @robinhartcarrol sporting her Backstrom shirsey and behind-the-back photography skills.

Here’s @UnleashFury5285 and @annetteashley wearing their Backy sweaters at some kind of sporting event in an undisclosed location.

Roxy (@capsxorxgtfo) shows off her Backstrom jersey and Caps hat. I dig the couch.

The 19 jersey was also Jessie M.’s (@jessiemartin) wardrobe for the day.

Rachel’s Sign

Finally, let’s end this right by showing off the sign Rachel (@kat326) made for Nicky, Saturday.

Here’s her Mom showing it off before the game.

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  • serpent

    Ok, all silly stuff aside—-does Nicky know how much he’s loved and appreciated in this town?

  • abrlcklnthewall

    WTF with that video? I don’t want to see Nicky getting the forearm shiver over and over again. Good stuff otherwise, but that one selection was a bit… turrible.

  • I think so juding by the reaction of the fans last night. Backstrom got a standing ovation in warm-ups. That’s what he’s responding to in the photo at the top.

  • Apparently not, unfortunately.  I saw in a Swedish blog that he seemed honestly perplexed and then surprised at the applause when he went on the ice for warm-ups.

     And, to me, it seemed that until his injury he really was under appreciated here.  Maybe too many of the locals only appreciate a flashy person and player.  Nick’s subtle genius may have gone unnoticed by them until his absence made it undeniable.

  • brian!

    Terrific sign Rachel!

  • seconded – P

  • Guest

    link to it?

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  • serpent

    Wish I could have been there ! Thanks for the info.

  • serpent

    I think fans who only respond to flash and drama probably don’t recognize a lot of what’s happening out on the ice, anyway. We have several quiet heros on the team. Nick just keft the biggest, un-fillable hole in the lineup with that horrible injury. “Subtle genius” says it all.