Caps Play Dog Video, Song After Jay Beagle Goal

Photo credit: Emily Casto

Something unusual happened in the Caps’ win against Montreal on Saturday — Jay Beagle scored. If you were watching closely, though, you might have seen something even more unusual. This was Jay Beagle’s third goal of the year, the Washington forward’s career best in the NHL, but clearly the Verizon Center staff were never expecting him to stop at two goals.

When Beagle scored on a sweet pass from Matt Hendricks, the stadium jumbotron showed a video clip from “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”, with — you guessed it — Snoopy the beagle dancing, while stadium DJ Jordan Greenberg queued up “Hound Dog” by Elvis. After missing 31 games with a concussion earlier in the season and being a fringe player with the organization for some time, it appears that Beagle has finally hit his stride and gotten himself out of the doghouse for good.


This is exactly the kind of grit and secondary scoring the Caps will need from Beagle and his fellow bottom-six players if the team is to close the season out strong and make the playoffs. After all, as Beagle himself told Al Koken in Saturday’s intermission interview — with a straight face, no less — “It’s a dogfight out there.”

S/T Emily Casto (@ecindc) for bringing this to our attention!

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  • Brooke

    They played Snoopy when he scored in the pre-season game vs the Blackhawks too. No hound dog then though

  • Anonymous

    jordan greenberg is made of win.