Cale Chimera Practiced with the Caps Again

Photo credit: David S.

At this moment, the tensest of the Capitals’ season, the team still knows how to have fun. Going by these pictures from David and Deanna, Jason Chimera’s son Cale practiced with the team again on Wednesday and it was all smiles. We saw the feisty little dude on the ice back in January, and here he is again– doing conditioning with Mathieu Perreault, besting Brooks Laich in a smile contest, and giving pointers to his dad on how to score his 21st of the season.

We already know how grumpy attitudes and dourness can affect this team’s play, so this is an encouraging sign for tonight’s big game with the Panthers. Or maybe this is confirmation that the Caps have completely depleted the Hershey roster and are desperate for new blood. Eh, let’s go with the first one. Many more pics behind the jump.


  • Miriam Attkisson


  • KareeLyn

    The pictures of a cute kid is helping minorly with my anxiety and panic.

  • John Shisler

    Gotta love it! Hopefully he’ll keep the team loose before the game. Let the kid on the ice for the pre-game skate too!

  • JessHughes

    My 4.5 yro wants to know why he couldn’t have joined in the fun — super cute, thanks for sharing!

  • Bellka76

    Great pictures, David! Thank you for sharing!

  • guest

    OMG the picture of him in net is priceless!

  • Sentientcheese

     yeah… so… does he fit into neuvy’s gear? cause uh…. yeah

  • Dpumphrey

    He was so cute, my granddaughter and I were at the practice.  Cale didn’t fall much, but when he did, got right back up.  Skates like a pro……

  • Darryl Bishop

    2-0-0 after Cale practices.  Make him a permanent presence at practice!

  • Goat

    I wish this week hadn’t been so crammed at work. This would have improved my overall mood tremendously.

  • Sillyduck8

    He made Matty P. look tall!