Peter Talks Caps Hockey on Baltimore Sports Hockey Podcast

Peter was on the Baltimore Sports Hockey podcast last night to chat about the Capitals and the playoffs. Peter tried his best to mask his pessimism, and much merriment was had on topics such as:

  • Brooks Laich’s “guarantee” and the Caps’ playoff chances
  • What’s wrong with Alex Ovechkin?
  • What kind of offseason changes do we want to see?
  • Are there any Washington Capitals fans in Baltimore?
  • Peter’s favorite Joe Beninati suit
  • Predictions for the playoffs and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Peter’s segment starts around 15 minutes in, but the BSR guys are funny throughout the show.  The only problem is Georgia the bulldog snoring audibly in the background. Check it out and Go Orioles!

  • serpent

    I listened to the podcast, Peter. It’s a shame you didn’t have any hockey people to talk to!! You were the only one who made any sense when you spoke. The most any of the four could come up with was “Interesting”? Sheesh. The puppy snores made more sense.
    I’m B.more born and raised. That was embarassing.

  • Peter

    But when those guys talk baseball, I feel like an idiot child.

  • serpent

    Hon, the way the Orioles play, we all feel like that.