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Does Alex Semin Care? That was the dominant headline before training camp. On August 17th, former Cap Matt Bradley spoke candidly to an Ottawa radio station and questioned the Russian winger’s commitment to hockey and the team. “When you’ve got a guy like that, you need him to be your best player, or one of your best players, and when he doesn’t show up, you almost get the sense that he wants to be back in Russia.”

With a minute left in the third period of Thursday’s game and the Caps up only a goal, Alex Semin showed how much he loved DC by putting the Capitals back in the playoffs for the fifth consecutive season with a dazzling individual play. As two Florida Panther defenders shadowed Brooks Laich along the boards, Sasha Minor — unguarded in the corner — took a pass, went strong to the net, and lifted a backhanded shot over Jose Theodore.

Video is below the jump.

To celebrate, the elated Semin apparently couldn’t decide between punching the glass or kicking the boards. So naturally, he did both to disastrous effect. As both hand and foot hit board, Semin lost his balance and clumsily fell to the ice. There he laid for several seconds, resembling a fallen Civil War soldier, until his teammates greeted him with back pats, head rubs, and an ice spray.

Maybe Brads was wrong, maybe Brads was right. But in the end, Semin concluded the Capitals’ 2011-12 regular season the same way it began: with a goal.

Now that’s what I call consistency.

  • boutros23

    “What a nifty set of mitts”

  • RMNB, This has never happened but, this article made me shed tears. Thank you for being the best Caps blog to ever exist. Love, Every Caps fan ever


    Well done RMNB!!! Sasha does care!

  • Rumbly

    They *have* to bring Sasha back because I can’t imagine such a post without a gif of his goofy face in it.
    Thanks Peter and crew – you guys really are the best!! 

  • Finnegan

    Sasha Cares!  Wonderful post, thanks 

  • serpent

    We love you, Sasha and don’t ever forget it! Not just because you are a dynamite player, but because you are such a wonderful person. Hugs!!

  • serpent

    That was a long shift. I don’t the poor guy lost his balance so much as he was just plain exhausted!—-and Happy! 🙂

  • HUNTER HOCKEY…hey, it gets you into the playoffs.

  • serpent

    Igor or Fedor–Please, what is the correct pronunciation of “Semin”?

  • Try saying the word “sermon” with a heavy Boston accent – and if you can, make that [m] a soft one, like in “vermin”, and you are much closer to the correct one than you’ll ever hear on TV!

  • Soufiane Chenite


  • serpent

    Awesome site, Fedor. Thanks and thank you, Igor. It will take some practice, but it’s worth it. Think we can get Joe B and Locker to try ?
    I think it’s a mark of respect tp pronounce someone’s name correctly and Sasha deserves more respect than he’s been receiving.

  • serpent

    Ahh! rolling the r like that is hard! I think  have Semin down, but alexander is a toughie!

  • We don’t really “roll” it that way. He rolled just to show it’s a hard R, not like English R.

  • serpent

    Oh! whew! I’m going to learn this fascinating language no matter how long it takes! It has more “music” than english, I think, if that makes sense to you.