The Evengy Kuznetsov saga continues. After making comments to Russian television indicating he wanted to remain in Russian next season and then backtracking, the time for Kuznetsov to make his decision has come. Kuzya’s KHL team, Traktor Chelyabinsk, was eliminated from the playoffs in the Eastern Conference Finals in five games. He had two goals and two assists in the series.

He now has two options: sign Traktor’s qualifying offer worth around $1.5 million per year with the possibility of receiving an unknown KHL stipend or bolt to the NHL and sign an NHL entry level contact worth a maximum of $925,000 a season plus possible signing and performance bonuses. There are also outside factors likely to be at play — Kuznetsov was married last year and moving to America would be a big step for the 20-year-old non-English speaker. Kuznetsov is a part of the Russian national team so we likely won’t know anything until after the World Championships, taking place in Helsinki and Stockholm throughout May.

We can only guess what Kuznetsnov’s choice will be — his agent, Jay Grossman, didn’t respond to requests for comment regarding his client’s earlier remarks — but Kuznetsov took an emotional lap around the ice after today’s season-ending loss. Is it just me or is it a little dusty in here?

Cross your fingers, Caps fans.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland and Fedor Fedin.

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  • i before e except after c, boys. receive, not recieve.

  • Cpt Giggles

    They don’t teach that jingle anymore, there are just as many exceptions to that ‘rule’. But good catch.

  • Max

    Those were “goodbye and thank you” waves. Nobody else did them.

  • Oops. Simple typo. Thanks for noticing.

  • Pavel Stalev

    Omsk is my hometown =)

    Go Hawks!

  • Think about it: In this series, Kuznetsov scored or assisted on 4 of his team’s 6 goals. Crazy.

  • Yv

    RMNB should keep trying to communicate with anyone connected with Kuzzy and I hope he read/translate what is here. If Caps just signed a student rookie Dman for 3.5M$ for two years (entry level+bonuses), I’m sure Kuzzy will get this amount per year if money is the main reason that hold him back. Every top-level draftees in most teams including last year and who playing now in NHL have gotten such amount (Seguin, Duchene, Landeskog, Nugent, Hall, Gudbranson, etc).

  • a guy

    Please Kuzy, come say hello to your friends in D.C. You and Semin are two crafty bastards who would make one hell of a line.