Happy Real Opening Day, Baseball Fans

One thing we didn’t get around to last night is this picture of a guy in an Orioles jacket behind Dale Hunter. To some it might look out of place, but to us it’s a reminder that the Caps and Baltimore are bonded.

While Thursday was opening day for the Nationals, the real show starts today– as the O’s host the Minnesota Twins at Camden Yards.  Ian and I (and Kyle from SHOE) are O’s fans, and so are lots of other Caps fans. There’s nothing weird about that. The old Caps Centre was in Landover, the old practice barn was in Odenton, and Maryland-native Francis Scott Key put that “O” in the Star-Spangled Banner just so Caps fans would shout it before games.

Okay, now I’m rambling. Go Orioles.

  • John Shisler

    Quite possibly the best article EVER! First thing I noticed then they panned the bench last night was the Orioles jacket.

  • Ringtail

    Sorry, guys, but it’s the Nats for me. I am originally from Boston, but it’s Caps and Nats all the way.

  • And, er (Ender?), the Orioles were around long before the Nationals. Capital and Oriole co-existing fandom shouldn’t have to be justified!

  • I apologize for my colleagues here. They really can’t help themselves.

    Let’s go Yankees! Who’s with me?

  • Nickmiser91

    I used to like the O’s until one owner decided to vote against Montreal coming to DC.  Wonder who that owner was. 

  • Steven Kern

    Peter, there seems to be a factual error in this article. The O’s Home Opener is next Tuesday. I thought if anyone would know when the O’s Home Opener is, it would be you. Alas, I was wrong.

  • O’s are terrible!

    Terrible team and a terrible meant I immediately switched allegiances to the Nats when they came to town and I haven’t looked back.  After all, who wants to root for a team that got beat by a community college…

  • O’s are terrible!

    *Terrible team and a terrible owner

  • K, for once, we actually fact-checked a post!  They ARE totally playing at Camden Yards in two hours! http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=bal

  • Steven Kern

    Peter and I have had a long-running joke for the past few years that the O’s Home Opener is happening every day.

  • hai

    Shouting the “O” in the Star Spangled Banner happened at O’s games LONG before Caps games. 😛

  • serpent

    Shame! go to your room, Chris