#RMNBParty4: Judgment Day Open Thread

RMNB Party 4: Judgment Day

Starting at 5:30 at Front Page Arlington, it’s finally time for #RMNBParty4! Ostensibly it is a viewing party for Game 82, the Caps at the Rangers, but it’s really so much more. We already know the Caps are in the playoffs, but tonight we find out who they’ll face in the first round. It’ll be a good time.

Everyone is welcome. No dress code (but you can’t go wrong in red). The game starts at 6:30, but we’ll be partying as of 5:30. Immediately after the game, we’ll be playing SO YOU’RE AN EXPERT!?, which might be a total trainwreck.

If you’re gonna be making social media noise at or about the party, please do so using the #RMNBParty4 hashtag. We’ll be broadcasting all those tweets behind the jump and collecting them for a post-mortem. See you at the party!

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