#RMNBParty4: The Photos

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Thank you to everyone who attended RMNB Party 4: Judgment Day at Front Page Arlington. Thank you to Front Page for being such terrific hosts and putting up with our crowd. Thank you to Wes Johnson for rocking the microphone. Thank you to Mathieu Perreault for scoring the game-winner.

The turnout was terrific, the game was great, and it scarcely could have gone better. Our own paparazzo, Chris Gordon, was snapping pics all night long; here’s a sampling behind the jump. If you’ve got more pics to share, please link ’em up in the comments or share ’em on Twitter on the #RMNBParty4 hashtag. If you’ve got a story to tell about the party (love connections, anyone?), let us know that as well. Thanks again!

Sam the Horn Guy pumping up the crowd.

Adam from King of Leonsis was the only person not wearing red.

Arian, who is a Bruins fan, is an exceptional photobomber.

Chris was dedicated to getting awkward photos of me last night. Mission accomplished.

Ian wears Chris’ Yankees hat. The Orioles won 8-2 last night, in case you were wondering.

Wes Johnson makes everything funnier.

Our only fatality of the night. It was nice knowing you, Suzanne.

Ted Starkey and Dave Nichols taking what I’m told is a candid photo, but I’m starting to doubt it.

Happy moment or angry moment? Not sure.

GOAT leads a “Let’s go Caps!” cheer.

Wes delivers his St. Crispin’s Day speech.

Giving away swag during a rousing game of So You’re An Expert!?

Alan May rookie card.

Perturbation on the face of Mr. Sam Wolk.

Perturbation gone from the face of Mr. Sam Wolk.

The cheesy RMNB magnet is not worth that smile.

Our ultimate prize, a signed Pierre McGuire card. At right, Ana cannot believe it.

Superfan fight.

Craig and Doug with Chris.

Craig and Doug with Adam.

The traditional RMNB shooter, shared by Dave, Suzanne, and Ian.

Mike Knuble’s head will never be scratched from an RMNB party. Thanks, Knuble’s Knights!

Caps Basketball is hilarious.

We’re apparently not on the same page about how to pose here.

Neil and Nicci are adorbs.

The end.

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  • Lies! I was the only contestant that did not earn swag. Damn you Chris Simon!! And on a note of non-bitterness, you guys threw an AWESOME party.

  • locker_is_god

    Shiit. Nice photos. I wish we had parties like these here in Finland, but saddly no 🙁   I guess I gotta come over there some day. Go caps and boo bruins

  • PuckBuddyDoug

    The PuckBuddys got a something something here for you as a consolation prize. As soon as we can find something.

  • Caplass

    Wish I could have made this one. Looked a blast. At the seder I said “Next  year in Front Page”. : )

  • Sillyduck8

    No swag beats Pierre Mcguirre swag… I need to buy some matches.