Milan Lucic Is Absolutely Terrifying

Photo credit: Elise Amendola

As of Thursday, the Washington Capitals are officially embarking on a quest for sixteen wins and a big, shiny trophy. There will be many obstacles along their way, the first of which is the scariest team in the entire world, the Boston Bruins. You may have heard stories, legends, even epic ballads about the infamy of the Bruins, especially their scary power forward, Milan Lucic.

Doubtless you have heard from many Boston fans and members of the media since Saturday that Milan Lucic is a pretty big deal, and that the Caps will need to watch out for him. We’re here to second that assessment, and to offer a profile that we hope can come close to touching the sheer awesome power that is the Bruins forward. Don’t eat us, Mr. Lucic.

Photo via: Sportress of Blogitude

Milan Lucic has been racking up many accomplishments this year in the National Hockey League — he’s injured Ryan Miller, fought Mike Komisarek, and even survived a dust-up with notorious goon Karl Alzner.

In fact, Lucic has not lost a fight this season, despite going toe to toe with heavyweights such as Paul Gaustad, Patrick Kaleta, and Matt Carkner. Luckily, the Caps can rely on tough guys such as Alzner and Cody Eakin to contain him.

The Caps will also have to be protective of young goalie Braden Holtby, given Milan Lucic’s reputation for impressively targeting the most immobile players on the ice. As we know, Holtby is a fragile blossom incapable of defending himself, and terribly susceptible to harm from aggressive forwards.

If you need even more reason to fear him, Milan Lucic once broke the glass at the TD Garden with a body check. Can you imagine that? Broke the glass! Why, only such comparable monsters as Jamie Benn, or Caps players casually shooting pucks at practice have ever done that! Truly chilling.

We wish the Capitals luck in dealing with this uncontrolled hockey monster. We can only hope they can find the courage to leave the locker room to face him.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

  • Peter

    Sarcasm detector off the charts

  • GovtMinion

    Give blood: Fight Lucic.

  • Go Caps

    Too bad Erskine won’t have  a chance to repeat this. 

  • You think Lucic is terrifying??   How about Brad “the Nose” Marchand?  i wet myself just thinking about it…..

  • HockeyLax17

    Give Johnny Erskine a Sweater.  Problem solved.

  • rain falls

    we’re trying to trick you before we unleash our REAL weapon of fear, joe corvo. JUST YOU WAIT, CAPS. 

  • Boston_Hater

    Don’t forget his penchant for getting shitfaced at creeping at Boston College dive bars

  • Boston_Hater

    *and creeping…sorry

  • The Dirty Otter

    Unleash the Lumberjack ! Give Big John the green light to skate !
    Lucic needs a little dose of Erskine #4 to help him sleep through the series, leaving him to awake to the sounds of nursery rhythms and fluffy puppies. Lucic would be screaming “Pappa no, no Pappa”

    Or maybe we should just take ole’ Alsey’s razor away and give him a can of whoopass to open up on the Boston baffoon.

  • Luke

    if only we still had DJ

  • DJ can’t fight haha, Rechlicz is a much better fighter

  • You made my day using that picture. I love you guys.

  • Michael01a

    This is what i wrote after the defeat to Tampa (6 days ago):So, mark my words – Conference finals ;-)”The funny part is – this time the team can get to the Conference finals. Reasons:
    1) no great expectations from this season from fans and media
    2) no feel of self-importance by the players – they play badly and they know it
    3) Ovi is not a superstar anymore – even in his own eyes
    4) all main characters are healthy now (and maybe rusted, but rested and hungry for hockey)
    5) Dale is making tactical mistakes (like trying to keep the lead and blowing it constantly)  – good experienceSo, they pretty much suck and they know, they are a worse team, than a year ago. And exactly because of this, they are more concentrated on actually playing hockey. So, they are ready to get better and are easier to coach. This is my wishful thinking :)”

  • Rhino40

    Say what you will about Oviebeing “reckless”–I am just surprised this thug Lucic hasn’t taken out a long-term lease on the penalty box or been issued multi-game suspensions…but I guess a different standard applies when you play for an Original-Six team and defending Cup Champion :/

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  • TerribleCapsGM

    Yea its too bad the Caps can’t put a goon out there to fight. Try getting some players that have a pair and that can actually make it into a playoff game.