Might as well just give it to ’em now, right?

The good people on the Hockey sub-reddit did the legwork on this one. They tracked down all the articles from the last few days predicting which teams will win each season. The results are… unkind to our Capitals.

58 hockey journalists hazarded a guess about the Boston Bruins-Washington Capitals match-up. You can view the original data here, but check out our visualizations (cheesy pie charts) behind the jump.

Just 10.2% of the hockey pundits collected predict the Caps to win the quarter final round.

Of the pundits who specified the number of games, most decided it’d be a near sweep for the Bruins. No one predicted a Caps victory in fewer than seven games.

Your boy Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog covered this same ground a few days ago as well. The Caps are the underdoggiest of all underdogs and for good reason: their fundamentals are weak. Boston has the edge in goaltending, puck possession, and special teams.

But if you’re looking for some cold comfort, here’s some from an unlikely source: eternal raincloud Neil Greenberg says that the Caps’ winning regular-season record against the Bruins has some predictive value. So all we gotta do is get a couple hat tricks out of some 5’10” French Canadians and we’re set.

Crash the net.