Kinda bad timing to release this right after their 1-0 loss to the Bruins, but here’s the new “Because it’s the Cup” commercial featuring Alex Ovechkin.

Because he celebrates like a kid.
Because he celebrates with the fans.
Because he celebrates with style.
Because if you think this is celebrating, wait until he wins it all.
Because it’s The Cup.

The Big Show: Bruins beat Caps 1-0 (OT)

Photo credit: Brian Babineau

Here we go. The big show. The postseason. First of many between the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals– a tight, violent, and excruciating bout of playoff hockey. There is nothing sweeter.

The Caps endured three punishing  but scoreless periods before someone named Chris Kelly scored the OT winner. Bruins beat Caps 1-0.

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Photo: Alex Semin vs the World

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

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Five minutes into the second period of the Capitals’ first playoff game in Boston, Alex Ovechkin skated the puck into the neutral zone looking to make a play. As he did, Dennis Seidenberg made a decision he might regret.

The Bruins defenseman thought he could catch Ovi napping at the red line and destroy him with an open-ice body check. Instead, the Russian machine got his arms up and this happened.

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Five years ago, back when I had just recently graduated college, I’d have given a kidney for playoff tickets. Watching hockey with 18,000 of my closest friends in a rock concert-like atmosphere, it seemed to me, would be well worth it.

21-year-old Caps fan David Bower is a better person than I. To get the chance to see the Capitals in the playoffs this year, he’s giving up one of his prized possessions: this signed Alex Ovechkin ornament.

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Why Tim Thomas Skipped The White House

Tim Thomas refuses to combine politics and hockey except when he’s using his hockey fame as a megaphone for his political views. Since his Random Capitalization rant on Facebook a few months back, he’s instituted a zero-tolerance policy for questions about politics, the President, or the White House– ending interviews as soon as the taboo topics come up.

No distractions. That’s Timmy’s rule. Nothing gets in the way of hockey from here on out. We admire that, but it’s a departure from the previous policy. After some late-night filings, our spies have unearthed photographic evidence of what Thomas did instead of meeting Obama in January. Yep, turns out he’s been rubbing elbows with right-wingers… and we ain’t talking about Nathan Horton.

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