Photo: Alex Semin vs the World

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

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  • Guest

    I’ve just go to say that this picture is sooo cute!! lol

  • Frejzch

    What a cutie!

  • Michelle

    The many faces of Sasha Semin. He must never leave.

  • What does a guy got to do to get a call around here?

  • HKnight


  • Distractredzone


  • JW

    How about a picture instead?

  • Josh Kosco

    He started it

  • Hallanita

    That is a Mr. Bill face if I ever saw one! OH NO

  • Colewolpert

    Stick penalty my ass!!!

  • “Not the bees!!!!!!!”

  • Savvy

    “The whistles sound like woo woooooo!”

  • RandyHolt

    That is Keith Aucoin. You can see the number 3 on his jersey, not a number an 8

  • Guest

    Translation: That’s clearly Semin there, if you go back into the game at 1:01 in the third period you will see that it’s when Lucic threw him to the ice and loomed over him with his teammates, but I see a three instead of an eight and it couldn’t possibly be because of the way the jersey’s folding, so I’m right!

    Hurrr de durrr.

  • serpent

    LOVE IT!!

  • RandyHolt

    I will give it to you. While that looks a bit like Coin I was mostly fooled by the number.