Five minutes into the second period of the Capitals’ first playoff game in Boston, Alex Ovechkin skated the puck into the neutral zone looking to make a play. As he did, Dennis Seidenberg made a decision he might regret.

The Bruins defenseman thought he could catch Ovi napping at the red line and destroy him with an open-ice body check. Instead, the Russian machine got his arms up and this happened.

Ouch! Looks like this is going to be one physical series. And Ovi’s loving every minute of it.


Credit: @Bubbaprog

  • Keyser Soze

    Doc Emrick likes boston better :(

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  • Will Carroll

    exactly why i watched it on csn. hail joe b and locker.

  • CJ Thompson

    Got to love Ovie!!

  • Jennifer Temple Henault

    funny, Seidenberg stayed out on the ice and kept playing & Ovechkin went right to the bench… I wouldn’t say Seidenberg was ‘destroyed”

  • serpent

    Who let a Bruins fan in here?

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  • jennifer’s dumb

    umm theres something called a line change…and seidenberg fell flat on his ass while ovi tripped over his leg…I think thats destroying him

  • jennifer’s dumb

    how ’bout you let the men discuss this…not sure if you know but we actually hit in hockey we don’t just make sandwiches on the ice all game long.