Why Tim Thomas Skipped The White House

Tim Thomas refuses to combine politics and hockey except when he’s using his hockey fame as a megaphone for his political views. Since his Random Capitalization rant on Facebook a few months back, he’s instituted a zero-tolerance policy for questions about politics, the President, or the White House– ending interviews as soon as the taboo topics come up.

No distractions. That’s Timmy’s rule. Nothing gets in the way of hockey from here on out. We admire that, but it’s a departure from the previous policy. After some late-night filings, our spies have unearthed photographic evidence of what Thomas did instead of meeting Obama in January. Yep, turns out he’s been rubbing elbows with right-wingers… and we ain’t talking about Nathan Horton.

Tim Thomas George Bush Mission Accomplished

…with Timmy’s BFF 43.

Huckabee’s slap bass ruined the vibe on TT’s rendition of “Wichita Lineman.”

Thomas chipped in part of his $5 mil contract to cover for Rush’s outgoing sponsors.

Nathan Horton hears a hoo.

Careful: you’re 90-460% more likely to hurt yourself when prying this from his cold, dead hands.

Flint, Michigan represent!

Two bold fresh pieces of humanity discussing current affairs.

  • CA

    Lulz you guys rock

  • Haha, loving the one with Tim on Fox News. Great work as always!

  • Mjb_0321

    I guess i don’t get what the big deal is… ??

  • He should be wearing his hockey mask on his head in all of them. I lol’d.

  • Peter

    It’s really not a big deal. But this is the playoffs, and we’re having a laugh. Making a ruckus. “Taking the piss” as the Brits say.

    I hope this comes across as good-natured.

  • in poor taste. not what you guys usually stand for.

  • count0interrupt

    Well, it’s good that Tim chooses such outstanding people with whom to associate, even if only in clumsy Photoshops. 
    Funny that you assume that everyone who reads RMNB agrees with your failed left-wing political beliefs.  You’re possibly unaware that we are on the road to national financial oblivion, otherwise known as Greece? 
    Better stick to hockey, where there is at least a chance you have a clue.

  • Peter

    We definitely don’t assume our readers agree with failed left-wing political beliefs. Even our writers don’t.

    This is just good old ribbing on the morning of a big playoff game. No agenda except “boo Bruins.”

  • Peter

    Sorry to disappoint, Tari. I hope the FUN part of it outlasts the political dimension. These are jokes about politics, not political jokes.

  • max

    Get over yourself.  It’s a joke.  The Penguin’s blog made pictures of all the flyers faces pasted on zoo animals.  This isn’t the political statement that you seem to think it is.  The AOL message boards are that way, bro.

  • serpent

    Great! Actually I like Thomas because he has the courage to exercise his right to free speech–er, like Torts. One comment described these folk as “outstanding people”.  Shame they didn’t stand out somewhere much further than the US of A., like Arcturus,maybe.

  • Nicole

    I didn’t know RMNB readers were such a serious group. Deep breaths guys, playoffs are here! Everything is going to be okay. 

  • Ccoon

    Come on people ~ remember how to laugh! Great job!

  • Lee

    I’m a Republican with a sense of humor.  Well done, RMNB.

  • I am too. 😉

  • Sarah

    I want to see Obama signs behind Thomas’s net like the Philly fans had when Sarah Palin dropped the puck at their house.

  •  As RMNB’s own token right-winger, and in order to enforce our proper English commenting standards, I vehemently object to using “failed” and “left-wing” in the same sentence, as those two terms are fully redundant.

    But for tonight, and for every other occasion Tim Thomas is defending the goal the guys in red are shooting the puck at – I’d gladly wave imaginary POTUS cutout in his face! 🙂

  • count0interrupt

     I’m afraid that must be some deep, sports-guy philosophical distinction.

  • count0interrupt

     And I’ve joyfully pissed on Sid’s face in the urinals at Verizon.  I get that.  However, taking a jab at Thomas for being a stand-up guy is something completely different.   We should all have that much moral courage.

  • count0interrupt

     I sit behind the goal at Verizon, and showed Tim a Gadsden flag at the last Boston game here.  He liked that, a lot ;<).

  • Savvy

    Yeah, Tim on fox news is the best one 🙂 Thanks for the smile!

  • You don’t have to respect or agree with the
    person holding the office but you should always respect the office.  I’m
    as GOP as they come and find these rather hilarious.    

  • Katzistan

    Nah, it’s a big deal. A hockey player going out of his way to diss the president over crazed poorly-informed rantings…and then refusing to talk about it…except on his helmet? It’s a pretty big deal.

  • Jay Cutler

    not in poor taste. boston has and will done far worse to us, let us have our good-natured fun.

  • guest

    just so you know, not everyone is a liberal that watches hockey. im not by any means offended, due to the fact i think both parties are ludicrous. but i think obama is a train wreck. 

  • Jay Cutler

    calm down man, this isn’t a political blog, it’s never pretended to be.  stop reading so much into the hilarity.

  • Katzistan

    You forgot the part about Obama stealing all our freedoms. Gotta get that in there somehow. Timmy did.

  • Cjnpigs

    Wow- came to the comments section to  find more funny comments and instead find folks trying to start a war.  I guess you should have put tims head on Mt. Rushmore.  Wait a minute…….idea forming…..

  • Andrew

    Tari, no offense – but grow up.

  • count0interrupt

     Now you’re just babbling ;<).

  • count0interrupt

    More babbling.  You said Tim “diss(ed) the president over crazed poorly-informed rantings.”  Actually, he chose not to attend a public relations event for the President and act as a photo-prop for someone with whom he has strong political differences.  You really need to pay more attention.
    You do remember that Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez made a similar choice in not attending a photo-op with President Bush?  No similar outcry occurred then, suggesting a double standard at work among leftist media and leftist fans like yourself.

  • Sarah

     Shouldn’t you be off somewhere reading Blackhawks blogs, Jay? 😉

  • Josie

    I hope the sensitive folks that commented on this post won’t stop RMNB from making them in the future! Keep working guys, can’t get enough 🙂

  • Rhino40

    Or Betelgeuse….Betelgeuse…Beetlejuice!

  • Poo Daniels

     true that. Gotta hate Thomas for being a douche, not for being a Republican. Not wanting to go meet Obama is not an exercise of free speech, it’s just an example of what got us into this congressional mess: an inability to respect other people’s views if they don’t agree with yours (thats a problem both sides have, and they are all dicks for it)

  • Peter

    Man. Well said.

  • Poor taste? Hardly! Have you read the stuff we scribble on here? Ian and Peter are choirboys compared to us. While Chris on the other hand, is in fact a choirboy.

  • 5bells

    …or the rightists’ disconnect from reality/rationality. But a funny, lighthearted post on a hockey blog is as good an excuse as any to be a condescending, paranoid arse, right?

  • count0interrupt

    You seem to have that niche all sewed up ;<).

  • 5bells

    I just can’t walk away from a perfectly set-up joke — thanks! 🙂

  • AV

    Tim Thomas is an emotional goalie. He might just put on his best game ever if people at Verizon started to taunt him because of his political beliefs. Not sure that benefits the Caps in any way. 

  • canada

    this is fucking great dude u should win a medal

  • canada

    how about MIDDLE POLITICS . Obamas dope anyways fuck Tim Thomas swamp drinkin redneck