RMNB Presents The NBC Bingo Card

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We already know how lucky we are to have such a talented broadcast team — so talented that they have their own hockey cards. Never is this more apparent, though, than when we’re briefly stranded on an NHL on NBC broadcast instead – as we will be on Saturday for Game 2. With only sixteen teams still playing hockey, Caps games will be broadcast even more frequently on NBC, because nothing soothes frayed postseason nerves like a rambling OHL story from Pierre McGuire.

We’re all familiar with the little quirks that go along with watching one of these NBC broadcasts, but now instead of feeling your blood pressure rise, you can simply play our bingo game!

Bingo card by Ian Oland.

How It Works: Uh, like bingo. Whenever you hear an NBC commentator or talk personality use one of these phrases or do one of these things, mark it off on your bingo card! When you get a full row in any direction, including diagonally, you have a bingo. Mike Milbury is a free space.

Feel free to comment here or let us know at @russianmachine when you get a bingo!

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  • Brooke

    Fan-f*cking-tastic. Also the only way to make watching NBC unmuted even a little tolerable. 

  • CA

    You guys are brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

  • Gpainter74

    You guys rock the freaking free world!

  • GovtMinion

    Caps nation, heed my warning- do NOT make this into a drinking game, or the hospitals will be FILLED with emergency stomach-pump cases.

  • They were showing the Phoenix game when I checked, watched the Caps on Comcast Sportsnet.  They’re not on broadcast NBC, just NBC sports (channel that used to be Versus), right?

  • Peter
  • hilarious! i love it! it will make watching the game even more fun, if that is possible.

  • count0interrupt

    Great idea, can’t wait to play.

    BTW, it is spelled “misogyny”

  • Peter


  • Brendan aka Photoshop Guy

    Going off topic here, but when is RMNB gonna put together a lil campaign to convince the Phone Booth faithful to sing the National Anthem in unison? I get chills every time those damn Canadian fans are singing their nation’s anthem. Such pride that I want here got darnitttt!


  • Ana

    Yeah, and nothing even explodes in their anthem!

  • Brendan aka Photoshop Guy

    We need to start somethin’ here! *High fives*

  • This is the most amazing thing ever. I seriously cannot wait to present this to my family and play it on Saturday. Pure genius.

  • winewomenandhockey

    We’ve got a big party planned and this will be perfect! We were all wondering out loud last night how we were going to get through the NBC broadcast tomorrow. You fixed it!

  • Rhino40

    DISCLAIMER:  I love my Country (USA) .

    That said, I also believe that the “O Canada” is a better national anthem than the “Star Spangled Banner” for the following reasons:

    Theirs:  Music and words written from its inception to be a national anthem and nothing else.
    Ours:  A British drinking song with re-worked lyrics.  Francis Scott Key’s original work really does resonate better as poetry than as song.

    Theirs:  If you can so much as carry a tune in a bucket, you can sing it.
    Ours:   Requires at least a three-octave range to present effectively.

    Theirs:  Basically says: “We Love Our Country; She’s Got Our Backs, So We’ve Got Hers.”
    Ours:  Basically says:  “Our Flag May Be In Tatters, But We Still Love To Blow $#1+ Up.”

    Honestly, I think “God Bless America” or “America The Beautiful” (As sung by the late Ray Charles) would both be better choices as our National Anthem.

  • Rhino40

    Great work Ana–I especially liked that “Milbury is  a free space” thing.

  • Rhino40

    True, but don’t be a buzz-kill…

  • Rhino40

    Love it!  so spot-on!!

  • KareeLyn

    Sidenote, because Timmy wouldn’t show up to the WH, Obama should go to him.  We really need the President to Barack the Red at Verizon Center for a playoff game.   You can run, but you can’t hide….

  • Rhino40

    D”OH!  This what happens when I’m  sleep-deprived. 

    Kudos to  Ian (and to all!)

  • you forgot “sudden shift to ‘Ovie’s playing so good'” as soon as he scores or hits someone especially well

  • Racin23

    NBC has audio? Not in my house with John Walton calling games. But I love the Bingo card. Might have to pump up the volume, for a shift or two. GO Caps.

  • Rhino40 –  Kudos to me? Naw. Kudos to YOU for being so supportive of us and always commenting! I greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  • Ana

    I did a terrible stick-figure verson, Ian added on and made it look ten thousand times better as always, so you’re right twice! WELL DONE. 

  • Brilliant. In awe of the creativity. Jealous, too.

  • nikita ovtchinnikov

    brilliant, im actually gonna play saturday

  • Lindros

    COME ON CRAPS!!!  Beat those Cocksucking Bruins!!!!!!!  Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!  STOP CHOKING!!!  We know you always choke to our Pens, but it would be GREAT if you could knock those faggots out!!!  You blew a great goaltending performance by a ROOKIE last night ffs!!!  DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s Go Pens!!!

  •  GBA has no place in a public venue. Not only does not everyone in America worship the same deity, not everyone in America worships any deities! AtB would be a wonderful anthem.

  • Sullidav

     RFK campaign promise – “this land is your land” for national anthem.

  • Mike

    Guess it’s not PC to make it a drinking game?

  • Peter

    PC means knowing the difference between Black and African American and using them competently. Drinking, meanwhile, is for everyone!

  • Rhino40

     Fair enough, Darla.

  • serpent

    they used the New York version…

  • serpent

    No, no ,no. the dude has no idea what happens on ice. He’s a hoops prez. His attendance would be a huge distraction for our show. And all those secret service people would eat up a lot of seats.

  • serpent

    This could be a real money maker. Have you contacted Hasbro? Probably fill it up in the first period,though, or before!

  • Ana

    Maybe we used the Canadian version.

  • jeremiah

    love it but how come no mention of keith jones, just as bad as milbury but doesn’t get the controversy bc bonehead milbury is sitting next to him. also this board could be filled for a blackout bingo win in the middle of the seccond period

  • Rhino40

    Damn…I was only “Casual Misogyny” and “Pierre GIggles” away from BINGO…

  • This is great.

  • Heywood

    Couldn’t agree more, and even emailed Ted a few years ago about trying to get this going.  Somehow we have to make this happen

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  • Sensesfail29

    i like this except theyll never talk bad about the capitals. all they have is good things to say about them