Here’s how the Caps celebrated Nicky Backstroms ECQF2OTGWG. Follow us past the jump for a massive GIF.

Check out Chimera and Ward hugging on the bench. (Photo credit: Dimagus)

And here’s what they rocked out to in the locker room:

Yeah. We have no idea either. Whatever. As long as they’re happy.

  • AHAHAHAHA best gif ever!

  • Could watch it for days! haha

    Pissed Bruins fans? Yup.
    Triple coach hug, too.
    But Ward and Chimmer takes the cake.

  • Soooo much awesome 🙂

  • Ann-Marie Ward

    I could watch this forever. Ward and Chimmer are so adorable. Love the Caps fan right behind the bench. 🙂

  • Poo Daniels

    wow…pretty bad song that is.  but i listened to it in mutual celebration

  • Kaycie

    Ward and Chimera are my favorites. TEAM HUG! 

  • That feel when Bruins fans all throw their hands up at once in a collective “Shit” motion.

  •  I’m desperately hoping that it’s supposed to be ironic or something.

  • Got one of the group hug on the ice?

  • Guest

    I love the one Caps fan behind the bench who IMMEDIATELY celebrates… then checks to make sure a Bostonite isn’t going to kick his ass.

  • Mkpanda78

    I love that moment right after Chimmer and Ward hug that they realize they should probably go out on the ice!

  • liquid8d

    If you want to have some laughs, watch each individuals reaction in the crowd 😉

  • That is why the Stanley Cup playoffs are so freaking awesome.  They make highly paid athletes celebrate like that.  

  • Everybody other than Wardo and Chimmer were like they’ve just been told there’s a lion going through the tunnel to the bench right now.

  • Poop

     Anybody notice the caps fan behind the bench getting yelled at for tapping on the glass

  • threechordme

    considering their last celebration song was by mac miller, I would say it isn’t at all ironic. : [ 

  • In the KHL, there’s a following note on the tickets: “You’re not allowed to actively cheer for the away team away from the special guest fan stands”. Don’t know about the NHL in general and Boston in particular.

  • Pookieo6

    ha look at the bruins fans in the back

  • Jen

    Oh, man — Brooksie shoving Aucoin to get out on the ice…

  •  glad I’m not the only one who did this hahaha

  • Fan

    haha that’s awesome
    I like the Caps equipment guy – one real quick fist pump and cheer, then a quick turn to start gathering up the equipment 🙂

  • Jen

    To the dude in the bright red jacket who clearly is NOT a caps fan… really? Did you not get the memo?

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  • Joel Ward is cracking me up.