After the first two games of the quarterfinal round, Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is sporting a .964 save percentage, having stopped 54 of the 56 shots he has faced. Last season’s Vezina and Conn Smythe winner, Thomas has already had a successful follow-up campaign, earning a 35-19-1 record during the regular season. He is the calm core of Boston’s defense and a reliable presence to backstop the league’s third best offense.

But Thomas’s composure came somewhat unspooled on Saturday night. After a whistle, he punched the previously concussed Nick Backstrom, who ended up scoring the game-winner in double overtime. While Thomas escaped without the match penalty recommended in rule 51.3 for goalies who use a blocker pad to punch a skater, he has not escaped the attention and ire of the Washington Capitals and their fans.

Games Three and Four of the series will be played in DC, and we just figured out precisely how we will troll.

By now you’ve heard about how Thomas’ snub of the Bruins’ visit to the White House coincided with a drop-off in his performance. It’s a tongue-in-cheek little narrative that doesn’t really adhere to the strict tenets of Responsible Statisticking, and it doesn’t actual imply any correlation.

I have decided to improve it.

The chart below plots Tim Thomas’s save percentage against President Obama’s approval rating over the course of the season. I used Rasmussen’s approval rating data and adjusted Obama’s approval to start at the same point as Thomas’s Sv% so we can track how they change relative to each other. Behold!

As you can clearly see, the hockey skills of Tim Thomas wane as President Obama becomes more beloved. The fearful symmetry of these lines proves– beyond any credible doubt– that the two are inextricably entangled. See how Obama’s ascent following The Snub mirrors the increasing sieve-ness of Thomas? And how the month of March saw Timmy dipping well below league average while Obama’s numbers were climbing like a pederastic crimefighter? Clearly, obviously, the two are related.

There you have it: irrefutable proof that Tim Thomas’s performance in net is tied to the popularity of the American President. And judging by TT’s abruptly ended interviews and Curiously Capitalized Facebook manifestos, Thomas knows this as well.

Still, we should probably remind him.

You know the drill. The big links below will download PDFs, which will fit a normal 8.5″ x 11″ page snugly. Please print out a trillion of these and camp out in front of the glass during warm-ups. Cut out the eyeholes on the mask, tie it in front of your ugly mug, and give Thomas a warm welcome to Washington, D.C., the most powerful city on Earth. This is your moment to shine.

RMNB’s Obama Posters and Mask for Tim Thomas

Download Download Download

Because– despite the mewling whines of “Leave Timmy alone!” coming from the Boston area– we believe this is a winning strategy. An angry Tim Thomas gives up goals. A scored-on Tim Thomas gets angrier. And then he gives up even more goals. It’s a vicious cycle, and we just need to get it started.

Distraction is the name of the game. (Actually, the name of the game is still hockey but we don’t play hockey, so we’re gonna do this instead.) And if anyone asks you where the idea came from, tell ’em it was ProHockeyTalk’s Joe Yerdon, a connoisseur of fine trolling.

Mind games! Let’s do it, guys. Send us your pics: @russianmachine,

A parting note: this ain’t about politics. Hockey is for everybody, and that includes tea-partying, Michael Cudlitz-looking fellas like Timmy. We’re just having a laugh and ribbing the other team. As long as we take a deep breath before speaking and keep our senses of humor in tact, I think we can do this with some degree of civility. Go team.

Posters and masks by Ian Oland.

  • bailamos?

    I love you guys.

  • Duder


  • DashingDave314

    Glorious. This will be an epic trolling.

  • Chip

    This is so amazing hahaha

  • Go Caps

    This will be on my dorm room door.  Awesome work RMNB!

  • Jay Cutler


  • Kim

    I love you guys too <3 Fantastic article !!  But they all are.

  • Obama

    Haha this is hilarious 

  • If I had the money I would mysteriously leave stacks of these outside Verizon Center tomorrow. LETS HOPE SOMEONE WITH A LOT OF MONEY THAT IS AT CAPS GAMES OFTEN READS THIS AND HAS THE SAME IDEA. (cough, TED LEONSIS, cough. )

  • Ljo211

    I heart, heart, heart, heart RMNB. 

  • Brilliant. I love the Thomas save/Obama approval rating chart. It’s not about politics. It’s about Tim Thomas being a whiny little baby when he’s scored upon… Stir The Pot!

  • Irockthered

    I have a better idea.

    Let’s leave politics out of the arena and just chant “Peg-gy!” in the goalie chant style…

  • Gersh21

    Here in NYC we have a big group of Caps fans who get together for a few regular season and all playoff games.  One of the highlights is our absolutely random chants.  I started one last Thursday whenever Timmy was on the screen during a stoppage in play.  “FOUR MORE YEARS!  FOUR MORE YEARS!”  Feel free to borrow it and rattle him so bad that Peggy can’t help him.

  • Or we could always have someone put pictures of Obama–or better yet, one of those life-size cut-outs–in the visiting locker room.

  • Absolutely hilarious – in fact, almost as funny as the title of  “Related post #5”

  • BrouwBrouwBrouwerWheels

    I agree with the “even hella conservative caps fans can join in this” but as if there wasn’t enough reason for logic-based people to hate the Tea Party, Timmy only outs himself as a Teahadist. You’re going down like Bachmann, Timmy.

  • ReneeMLC

    Anyone friends with the person that work the jumbotron?  Perhaps we can bribe them to just play the State of the Union on loop. 

  • Yv

    Very Funny!

  • Brooksy’s gal (I wish)

    If only my seats were close enough to see these things… I’m tempted to walk down to the side the Bruins warm up on and don the Obama mask… I’m going to post this to my Facebook and maybe someone I know will do it too…lol.

  • Thomas is a Fascist

    Thanks for running with my mask idea!

  • liquid8d
  • Al

    what about quoting the best band from dc (bad brains)and tellin tim thomas that he is “banned from DC”

  • capsfansince93

    am hoping the president actually shows up to rattle him, but probably will never happen.  BTW, if Pittsburgh was the Caps, everyone would be blaming the meltdown on Ovie not Fleury’s meltdown.  I still think we could have won the year the Pens won except for the game 7 Varly meltdown.  Peeps still blame Ovie for not taking us to the championship that year when there was nothing he could do once Varly lost control.

  • NM91

    Can you chant ‘Yes we can’ when the Caps score?

  • Katzistan

    I will be printing the HOPE sign out and bringing to warmups. Molotsi!

  • Travis H.

    Correct if I’m wrong, but Holtby pushed Chris Kelly in game 1.  Chris Kelly scores the game winner in overtime.  Now, in game 2, Thomas punches Backstrom, who then scores the game winner in the second overtime.

    I say punch away Timmy!!

  • Travis H.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Holtby pushed Chris Kelly in game 1.  Chris Kelly scores the game winner in overtime.  Now, in game 2, Thomas punches Backstrom, who then scores the game winner in the second overtime.
    I say punch away Timmy!!

  • KareeLyn

    I really want Obama to go to game when they are here…. It would be too sweet.

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  • K4

    Love It. 
    Off Topic: Is our coaching staff our “Silver Line”?  “Silver Lining”?

  • CDizz

    Or we could just convince Obama to show up and donkey punch Thomas during warm-ups.

  • James

    this is gay

  • Luke Waidmann

    And an O-BAM-A chant after “Hey! You! It’s all your fault!!” please?

  •  That would be hilaaaaaaaaarious. I’d love that!

  • Priceha

    What happened to Barack the Red!? Tim would do more than fall on his ginger face! I tweeted BO and told him I wouldn’t vote for him if he didn’t come… I’m pretty important so I think it will work 😉 That would be Epic on top of thousands of people w Barack masks 🙂 good work boys! Wish I could be there!

  • BroadwayCJ97

    Classic Capitals…win a stanley cup and stop choking in the playoffs before you bash someone that will have at least one more Conn Smythe in his career than Ovechkin (Non Bruins or Caps fan)

  • BroadwayCJ97

    Classic Capitals…win a stanley cup and stop choking in the playoffs before you bash someone that will have at least one more Conn Smythe in his career than Ovechkin (Non Bruins or Caps fan) DELETE MY COMMENT AGAIN?

  • BroadwayCJ97

    Classic Capitals…win a stanley cup and stop choking in the playoffs before you bash someone that will have at least one more Conn Smythe in his career than Ovechkin (Non Bruins or Caps fan) Keep deleting it, take some criticism, I will keep reposting this bud.

  • Also, Timmy kicked Troy Brouwer who scored a goal before that. Only those attacked by the goalies score in this series.

  • Pens fan detected.

  • BroadwayCJ97

    Sorry I apologize, I had it sorted under oldest first for comments

  • BroadwayCJ97

    Seriously? Broadway is in Pittsburgh? Wow lolol

  • Peter

    We didn’t delete your comment. It’s a-okay. Good trash talk. Thanks for writing.

  • Concerned fellow man

    No one is deleting your comments you moron

  • BroadwayCJ97

    My fault it was sorted under oldest first didnt realize…Honestly you can delete the ones i wrote earlier lolol

  • depeloubet

     where do you guys get together in NYC? I get together with some friends but we kind of float to different bars

  • Cali_snowboarder

    So awesome.  Would love to see a sign like, “Hey Thomas: we knew you don’t like our White House, so we made this one Red”

  • Peter

    No prob. I’m gonna keep em so it looks like we’re super popular.

  • Peter

    He’s from Russia.

  • Do we really have to win a Cup before we can trash talk? Crap!  We’ll be here all season if that’s the case!

  • Guestzs

    only difference is TT never got the penalty call.

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  • The line “leave Timmy alone” coming from Boston is a complete fabrication. Your concept is funny but loses some cred with the lie. 

  • Peter

    we love you too, bailamos

  • Peter

    all credit to you, pal

  • Peter


  • Peter

    haha cause of the hair?

  • Peter


  • Peter

    awesome name

  • breaklance

    I just wanted to say, trash talking it cool when done in jest in the appropriate tone and place. I don’t mean to call you out at all. We’ve had the constant and seeming unending slew of insults for Ovechkin ranging from his play, emotion, appearance, and birth place as well as all of the above for Boudreau when he was in town still. I’m not saying it gives Caps fans the right to say whatever we want, but that every team gets it and has players specifically who get targeted. Guys like Ovechkin and Thomas are easy ones because they care so much about the game and their play that they leave a lot out in the open for people to see rather than the more classic “stoic professional athlete” that we always see in every sport. The same reasons are also why fans get so impassioned about those types of players too. 

    Don’t mean to get all preachy I’ve just never taken trash talking seriously unless it devolves to what I normally hear over Xbox Live, not that you, BroadwayCJ97, were anywhere close to that level of…dumbfuckery for the lack of a better word. Also reminder to our own fans who’ve read so far down – to keep it civil like the fine folks here at RMNB have also stated. 

  • Peter

    I pray we never get down to the Xbox Live level of debate.

  • As solidly right thinking and unabashed conservative who ardently supports Timmeh’s exercise in personal discretion in not attending the white house deal, I fully support this endeavor to rattle him. If it increases the chance of a Caps goal by .2%, it’s all worth it. This is hockey, not politics and I can have his back once he’s on a golf course. I’d stay on the Hockey side of it and use the signs constantly and not make it sound like political pep rally.

    I’d also like to see the video of Hendy’s kick start making him fall on his  rear faster than a French Infantry unit in at every whistle.

    Crash the NET!

  • Peter

    Thanks, Chris.

    Outside of the hockey season, I think Thomas is awesome. He’s smart and articulate and I’d love to have a beer with him.

    But tonight… the enemy!

  • Dear Broadway, I’m going to make an assumption here…
    We would have continued what little playoff success we have had this season as well, but sadly that was all for naught as game 82 fell in the month of April and we don’t seem to be able to lose to the Rangers in April. Say Hi to Chris Neil for me.

  • iwearstripes

    If only I had a color printer here at work… love the HOPE sign!

  • I wish I could be at the game just to take part in this… sigh.

  • PLEASE beat those pesky Bruins! (signed, pretty ticked off Canucks fan!)

  • It would be really awesome if they got some guy in a mask on the JumboTron, who takes his mask off and really is Obama under the mask.

  • liquid8d

     Nothing beats the shirt someone had on behind the bench at the Canucks game last night… ‘The Sedin Sisters – 2 Girls, No Cup’.

  • Skincap5

    Love the Caps…….Love John Lennon

  • Dupplehouse

    B’s fan here and I actually find this pretty amusing…doubt it will have much impact but appreciate the creativity… might even consider making a commercial for Direct TV…

    Having cable TV can lead to an angry Tim Thomas. An angry Tim Thomas gives up goals. A scored-on Tim Thomas gets angrier. And then he gives up even more goals. Don’t be an angry Tim Thomas…get Direct TV.

    I will say this…despite the low scoring, compared to the nonsense elsewhere, this has been a good physical but relatively clean and enjoyable series to watch.

    Go B’s.

  • gschay

    pretty funny, esp from a team that hasn’t won a cup since . . . like , well, EVAH. i don’t like TT’s politics, but you don’t want to piss him off, that’s what they did his whole career.

  • Bruins

    what happens to this blog when you don’t have a ton of Russians on the Capitals anymore?

  • Masshole_Sports

    As if mask are going to throw him off his game.  How about scoring some goals.  BTW April 16th, 2012 TIMDEPENDANCE DAY!

  • beefy

    You think that will work?  Haha!  Good Luck With That!

  • um, best handle ever, btw.

  • Sclifton2009

    I just go this feeling the caps are gonna lose this one

  •  Uhhhhh, Sclifton. Take that feeling somewhere else, bud.

  • Sclifton2009

    I mean it looks like Ovi is kinda of scared out there, what you guys think? maybe he is just little nervous from never having that much playoff experience, or is the typical Russian disappearing act during the playoffs?

  • Masshole_Sports

    Cmon.  Do you really think a bunch of masks will rattle the best goalie on the planet?  Grow up.

  • Melody

    wicked lame

  • Trolololol

    As a Bruins fan that’s poor trolling (Much like how the green men in Vancouver held up a picture of Ben Affleck during the finals last year?) Timmy doesn’t care about Obama so those masks are going to do nothing. You can do better than that, in fact, I expect more out of you..

  • Ana

    Czech Machine Breaks Occasionally (Watch For Groin). 

  • Bring it b*tches!!!!! We love it when people try to poke the bear!!!!!!!

  • Ana

    Respectfully disagree. Olaf Kolzig is still on the planet. 

  • Razr70

    You Caps fans better watch out, it’s Timmy Time. Today, April 16, is Timdependence day and he’s gonna show you guys why he’s won the Vezina twice in three years (2009 and 2011) I’ll admit that Caps are pretty good, but so are the B’s. Btw, Tim Thomas is a professional athlete, he won’t be phased by some people wearing print out Obama masks, sorry.

  • Sup?

    what does Lennon have to do with this exactly? I’m not trying to be rude or anything, it’s a serious question

  • Peter

    song is called “Mind Games” and there were no videos on youtube of the Foreigner song of the same name

  • Jfbuks

    I hate obama, but if it takes tim the trogolodite off his “A” game, I say “DO IT”

  • Deleted my post?? So only those that agree and love the article can post?? Wow, seriously lame!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!! We love it when you poke the bear!!!!!!

  • Peter

    Your comment was not deleted. But if you used one more exclamation point, I was gonna delete this one. Close call.

  • Masshole

    Nice graph there. Any high school kid who has taken stats can manipulate a graph to say what they want. Seeing obamas face will make Timmy play even better so go ahead, wear the masks. Print them off and feed some lumber jacks. In a week the Bs will be moving on to the next team anyways.
    A good ole masshole

  • Peter

    High school kid? It took me 4 years of state college to manipulate this graph!

    You have INSULTED me, sir. I demand satisfaction.

  • Razr70

    thanks Peter. I’m using my phone to read this and didn’t notice that. Also, go Bruins. But props to the Caps if they do win, they’re a good team

  • walsm

    pretty lame… and you don’t know  Tim Thomas if you think something this stupid would bother him…

  • Ana

    Yes! People of one specific nationality typically all behave the same. 

  • Oh how I love this blog & this fanbase at their trolly finest.

  • zz28

    Dummer than dum. Can you imagine being caught on camera being this pathetic?

    Capital fans should be PO’ed at the idiot who thought this up.

  • al

    Timmy’s name is on Lord Stanley AND he won the Conn Smythe.  Do you REALLY think a bunch of Obama chants and signs will rattle the cat?  

  • LuAyne Brown

    I vote this to be your next tshirt design!

  • GandarBoMason

    nice shout-out from yahoo sports brother: 

  • guest

    I’m sure the #1 goaltender in the league will get rattled by Obama posters. The funny part is these same people complaining about Thomas not visiting the White House have all the same complaints Tim made, he just had the balls to stand up for his beliefs.

  • Bill

    I guess if you have an inferior team, you gotta do what ya gotta do.  The B’s will drop the Caps as bad as Mitt will drop OB.

  • Go Caps this is working so far 😉

  • Me

    These same self righteous communist hypocrites didn’t complain when Theo Epstein skipped out on visiting the White House when Bush 43 was President.

  • Rick


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  • A Masshole

    Really guys?  grow-up

  • Special__Ed

    Wish I was there to see the tears raining from the eyes of all the DB’s wearing these tonight.

  • Peter

    “Wish I WERE there”

    Subjunctive mood, dummy.

  • Devinoriolebaseball

    Hey how did those signs work out for you MOTHERFUCKER!!?? FUCKING SUCK MY DICK BITCH!!!

  • Ovechkin is God

    Crapitals Get Asses Handed To Them.

    In other news, Obama Still Knows Nothing About Hockey Or Economy.

  • conservativechick

    WOW, you censor posts that don’t agree with your childish antics? HAHA How DID that work out for you,  anyway??

  • Peter

    Not at all. We censor posts that contain unacceptable language. Feel free to trash the team all  you want, just leave teh gays and teh ladiez out of it.

  • Me

    Looks like the Obama masks didn’t get to Timmy after all.  You might want to try a more clever way to get under his skin next time.

  • Me

    But you’re ok with white males and Christians being trashed, hypocrite.

  • Peter

    All we’re saying: if you can trash the hockey team without being a bully, go for it!

    And don’t pick a fight with me. You’re absurdly outmatched, and that’s even if I didn’t wield the delete button.

    That said: have a ball in your criticism of the Caps. Just keep it on the civil side and it’ll be great.

  • Peter

    Oh, I think that was pretty clever. 

  • Me

    So you’re accusing me of being a bully yet here you are acting like the bully on here.

  • Me

    Then how come Boston won today?  LOL

  • nuwriter

    Go ahead and print your signs. Tim has a cup, and you never will.

    But we will think of this and laugh in round two.


  • nuwriter

    With all this guys been through, you think this rattles him?

  • Inarisidhe

    Newsflash, professionals are not easily rattled by silly trolls. Secondly, the president doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the caps, their fans, Thomas , or hockey. Kind of a goofy thing to do. Plus you’re murdering trees. Recycle those things.

  • ReasonableFan

    Well, considering none of us are on the ice, it’s not like we should feel any worse as fans if we do something funny and memorable and end up watching our team lose.  Stop acting as if you are so superior to all of us who want some extra laughs.

  • Masshole 53

    You are kidding me, right? Get a life and grow up. Masks of Obama to intimidate Tim? How did that work out for ya?

  • Joes69imp

    How did your foolish libtard mask work out for you?  You support the idiot-in-cheif as he rides the money train to vacations in Columbia at the same time the rest of the nation is in turmoil from his failed policies.  You’re just as much of a looser as Bobo

  • Debi2234

    I hope you try wearing these in Boston . . . . . . 

  • Mzaniboni87

    you guys are clowns, your team crosschecked, hit in the dick, and couldnt hold lucic with 3 guys on him, thomas has been turning it up ever since the st patricks day win against philly the bruins slump has nothing to do with ur shitty state

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  • Debi2234

    Perfectly said. 

  • Rhino40

    Go Peter!

    I’ll poke the Bear…

    …With a 12-foot, razor-sharp iron pike

  • Dz

    worked great you morons

  • Tim Thomas

    The Caps days are numbered.  You’ve got that idiot Russian who’s more concerned with “Bluejeans and American Cigarettes”  than hockey.

    Get your golf clubs ready…

  • MJ

    I don’t think Caps would fare any better were Thomas pulled.  Our reserve, the Kazak Khudobin, looked terrific in the one NHL start he got a couple weeks ago.

  • wabbitt3730

    I’ll admit, this line gave me a chuckle. Unlike this half-assed mask shit.

    Hope the Crapitols have fun golfing on Sunday morning while DA BROONS are getting ready for the second round.

  • wabbitt3730

    Shitty city, but still a valid point.

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  • Bobby v can suck a D

    go fuck your self you cunt