In the second period of Game 1, Braden Holtby was whistled for roughing when he shoved Bruins’ forward Chris Kelly out of his crease. It seemed like a pretty tame play for the postseason, but the men in stripes intervened nonetheless.

Well, in the Caps’ Game 2 win against the Bruins, Tim Thomas decided to go medieval on several Capitals. Let’s review, shall we?

Tim Thomas had to deal with Troy Brouwer’s best brick wall impression all night, and it cost him a goal early on. Clearly he was still in a bit of a snit over this when Brouwer once again parked himself in the crease — you can see Thomas kicking at Brouwer and trying to stomp on his skate, and as silly as this looks with all that gear on, it’s a pretty dangerous play.

In the third period, good net presence by the Capitals led to a scrum, and Thomas took advantage of the confusion to lean up and uppercut Nicklas Backstrom with his blocker.

This second play we find particularly objectionable, considering Backstrom’s history with head trauma, and the intent with which the whole team seems to be targeting him. Backstrom got the best kind of revenge by victimizing Thomas for the game-winning goal later, and didn’t seem to be any worse for the wear, but this play was pretty far over the line.

We’re all for feisty goalies, we’ve got the most cantankerous netminder in our system playing this series, after all — all we ask is a little evenness in the way they’re penalized. Tim Thomas is welcome to his little temper tantrums, as long as he has to swallow a penalty right along with them. Neither of these plays were assessed a penalty.

It's okay, Claude Julien. (Photo credit: Getty)

If you thought it was obvious that the Bruins got away with a few tonight though, whoa, back up, you haven’t heard Claude Julien’s side of the story. “The one thing is, this is the second cross-check in two games,” Julien told NESN, referring an Ovechkin cross-check on Seidenberg that went uncalled. “Krejci got cut below the nose by the cross-check in Game 1, and now that one, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it except that there’s no call on it, on the play.”

“And then the league has a second opportunity to review it, and you’ve got to let them do their jobs,” Julien continued. “So, those to me are extremely dangerous things that we keep talking about wanting out of the game, and I’ve seen suspensions from that before. But we’ll the let the league take care of it, and we’ll focus on what we have to do to win the next game.”

Poor Bruins. Poor Tim Thomas. It must be so terrible that everyone’s stomping on you with skates, and intentionally hitting you in the head after the whistle. I only hope the Capitals don’t commit an uncalled cross-check next game, those guys are out of control.

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

  • Breed16

    This word gets used a lot, but the Bruins are unbelievable. It’s one thing to be dirty, it’s another thing to be dirty AND THEN WHINE ABOUT THE OTHER TEAM BEING DIRTY.

    I’m glad that we’re not letting ourselves be bullied by these turds.

  • Jeremiahljohn

    well that is why they get the calls , they whine about it in the media. like how crosby works the refs most of the game when he doesn’t have the puck. hunter hasn’t complained about bad refing all year

  • Pattyo

    Just tell brouwer to yell: “Hey, TT! I think theres some homosexuals over there that wanna get married!” 

    He’ll get all pist off and let in an Ovechtrick. 🙂

  • JTStally

    This is just poor journalism.  Nicklas Backstrom hacked Tim Thomas twice after the whistle and even the NBC broadcast took the time to discuss how Backstrom would have gone to the box for that if it had occurred earlier in the game.  Not Jack Edwards on NESN, mind you, but Doc and Pierre.  They mentioned nothing about Thomas.  To somehow blame the incident on Thomas like he was totally unprovoked and that it was HIS actions that set off the scrum is flat out incorrect.  Anyone that knows anything about the sport of hockey would have placed the blame on Backstrom in that incident for slashing the goaltender.

    If you want to take liberties on goalies in the NHL, you do so knowing that you’ll likely pay a price for it.  It’s Backstrom’s responsibility to be wary of the way he acts on the ice.  If he’s going to provoke other players, especially the other team’s goalie, it’s not the other player’s job to stop and think “oh wait, this is one of the guy’s that has head issues” before they respond to his violence.

  •  LOL, OK

  • Kovie21

    haha they could have been talking about how in last game Holtby got penalized for hitting a player that got on his crease, and comparing it to thomas hitting backstrom. 

  • No, they couldn’t “have been”, they were. It’s right there in that video, and they don’t mention Nick at all, all they mention is Thomas shoving him and then say “I wonder if that would have been a penalty in the first period.” Nothing about Backstrom trying to play the puck, a puck Thomas obviously didn’t have frozen as it was bouncing around when the scumbag swung a giant haymaker at Backstrom.

  • I didn’t notice them being overly dirty most of the time, but I did notice it with Backstrom because I’ve been so paranoid about his head. I noticed them going after it multiple times, the visor shaking after the 2nd, Thomas’s Mike Tyson impersonation, and then the guy grabbing his head from behind and bringing him down to the ice face first. No call on any of it, but Holtby gets a minor for shoving a dude. Makes sense. 

  • liquid8d

    This is pretty funny right here.. I laughed when the NBC “announcers” said that too – I have no clue what they were watching. Hacked?? Try pokes, and that was before or as the whistle sounded. Of course I expect to see some backup when you poke, or hack at a goalie.. but that doesn’t mean that the goalie can punch someone in the face with the blocker. I’d also say Krejci’s defense was a questionable penalty, but hey, I’m not going to cry about it.

    Interesting you had nothing to say about the kick, was Thomas “provoked” in that one too?

  • James Montoya37

    What about the cross check by Bergeron to Perrault? Seems like the refs missed that one too

  • Jfbuks

    this has been a very poorly officiated series so far!! the zebras should watch the game like fans do, then they would see the penalties.

  • Dave


  •  Not after the whistle. Seeing as 2 seconds ran off the clock between hacks, the play was obviously still going. And if that’s a rule now, neither Holtby nor Hamrlik should have been penalized.

  •  Have you forgotten?  Forgotten how much Boudreau used to complain about officiating … and all it did was make things worse for the Caps.  I love that Hunter focuses on the game.  The reffing whiners can eat a puck.

  • Scottrun311

    Thomas also gave Laich a pretty good shot in the first period.

  •  Are you sure we are talking about the same incident? There is a video replay above look at it, where is slashing after the whistle? Puck was loose all the time. Thomas is a great goalie, but he is a bully and sometimes acting plainly insane on and off the ice.

  • MareMareOC

    LOL…You lost me at your reverence of the NBCSN sports crew.  If Doc and Pierre are your bible of hockey, you’ve got serious issues. Next thing you’ll tell me is Milbury is the authority on coaching youth sports.

  •  They watch the game like Bruins fans do, apparently.


  • In2Caps

    Thomas should have been called twice–but if he’s losing his temper and doing stupid stuff (even if it’s not called), the Caps are getting under his skin. That’s good. Do more of it.

  • Poo Daniels

    its funny that that dumbass of a coach would go whine about it.  What is he like the mommy who thinks she has a bunch of innocent little boys when really everyone thinks they are out of control thug retards? 

    Not only that, but the announcers at NBC spent an intermission talking about how the refs needed to call the game more fairly supporting the idea that the Caps were getting shafted.

  • Rhino40

    “Out of control thug retards”

    Good one!

  • If you think Doc and Pierre are unbiased… Ok then.

  • carchick88

    Get the information correct before you make it the center of your argument. The announcers were talking about Thomas’ punch to Backstrom, not Nicks poking at the puck. Information is power, but only if it is the correct information.

  • carchick88

    Of course he acts insane, don’t all “tea party members”. Insane and clueless.

  • carchick88

    The refs did not miss that call, they chose not to call it because the person being assaulted was not wearing the right colors.

  • Ryan

     You are aware that Holtby was provoked the same way, if not worse, in Game 1 and was still penalized?

    I think that was worse than Backstrom chopping at the glove a bit. Obviously not aware of the situation.

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  • JTStally

    So, just so we’re all clear in comparing plays of recently concussed, first line centers* taking hacks at a goaltender’s glove, all of you Capitals fans would stand up for Sidney Crosby on the first play of this game’s highlight (Flyers on Brink of Advancing).  We’re looking at basically the same incident:

    *Yes, I know Backstrom is playing on the second line right now, but I think we can all agree he can be considered a “first line center.”

    For the record, a REAL Capitals journalist (like’s Mike Vogel) made no reference to this incident in his story that focused on Backstrom –  His in game tweet simply said: Krejci tackles Backstrom in front. #CapsBruins

  • JTStally

     You mean like the person that wrote an entire blog post complaining about the refs?  See above…

  • JTStally

    So, you’d be ok with Brad Marchand taking swings at Holtby in a similar fashion?  I think not.  I would think you’d want someone on the Caps to stand up for him and keep Marchand (or anyone else) away from him.

    This happens in every game played in the NHL.  People crash the net too hard, the defensive team takes offense, scuffles happen, the refs break up, and the puck is dropped again.  There’s no need to write some blog post about it every time it happens.  The faceoff takes place 15 seconds later and we move on.  This will happen again tonight (in all three games) and in Game 4 and in Game 5, and it’ll happen at both ends.  It’s hockey!

  • serpent

    Brutes are whining just like Cindy and the Fat Birds there. Amazing just what the zebras fail to see,ain’t it?

  • serpent

    I like the way Troy just gives him a look like “Who lit the fuse on your tampon, Timmy?”

  • Guestzs

    Mind you REAL caps journalist like Vogel need to sensor what they say about officiating and other teams or they can lose their jobs. That is why I personally don’t like to read REAL caps journalist. I would say this blog is about as REAL as you can get to the truth. RMNB admits when the caps fuck up and admit when they are doing well. Of course they have a bias, but it doesn’t blind their logic.

  • Guest

    ya’ll are whining about the bruins whining? besides laich and chimera you’re team is a bunch of pussies.

  • Brooksy’s gal (I wish)

    Oh and I suppose Brouwer did something to Thomas also that caused Thomas to kick him. A punch to one player’s head and kicking another player… Did you watch the game or talking out of your butt?

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  • JTStally

     Yes, I absolutely watched the game, did you read my post outlining the incident or did you just get hurt that someone’s viewpoint differed from yours and think that trying to put someone down would make you feel better about yourself?

    I didn’t say anything about the Brouwer play because as someone that DID watch the game, it’s not something where I thought Brouwer was in the wrong.  Thanks for trying to put words in my mouth, though.  I think that some Caps fans, like yourself, are grasping at straws and trying to make issues out of things that simply aren’t a big deal in playoff hockey.  Thomas took a swing at Brouwer and Troy just looked at him as if to say, “Really?”  It clearly wasn’t a big deal to Brouwer at all as he basically didn’t react at all and skated away, so I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal to the fans.

  • Hockey

    This is the lamest discussion I’ve ever read.  You people here clearly know nothing about hockey.

  • timthombitch

    lol yall have marchand and you’re (correct use of that word btw) saying our players are pussies?  go back to boston tool.

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  • why no videos of the 3 crosschecks to the face the caps have given??? or the spear to marchands groin??? oh but showing a goalie who can fight his own battles is “dirty”…. you guys suck and you know it!

  • Bruinsfan4ever

    You are the Russion version of the Vancouver Canucks.  Everyone seems to forget about Ovi’s blatant crosscheck to Dennis Seidenberg’s face.  Focus just seems to be on Backstrom.  Did he not take a few crosschecking penalties during the game?  Oh yeah, it was just bad refereeing.

  • Bruinsfan4ever

    Unbelievable 2011 Stanley Cup Champs!!

  • Bruinsfan4ever

    The only one that truly gets it is Backstrom which is why he apologized and is not whining!

  • Bruinsfan4ever

    “A little bit, but that’s how the playoffs is,” Backstrom said when asked if his head was being targeted. “I like when it’s tough and stuff like that. There’s nothing bad about that.”

    From the man himself, nothing more to be said except……stop whining!!!!