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We almost feel like we’re watching some kind of bizarre social experiment in this series, as we observe Bruins forward Milan Lucic‘s temper simmer, simmer, and boil over more and more frequently as his line continues to be rather ineffective versus the Caps. These bursts of temper saw Lucic collecting 8 PIMs by the end of the night, though– puzzlingly- the refs seemed to think that it was always necessary to tack a Washington penalty on top, perhaps so Lucic wouldn’t get so lonely in the box. The refs have seen this behavior — he’s acting out for attention– and should know better.

Lucic got into a scuffle with Matt Hendricks late in the third period, and then Karl Alzner, when Alzner tried to intervene. There were words exchanged, and Alzner didn’t seem too impressed by them, to say the least.

Let’s just say, Alzer could be on our charades team anytime.

Photo credit: Valtteri Kivinen

Milan Lucic Responds to Alzner’s Taunt

  • Capitalsfan5274

    Hahahhahahhahahahahhahahaaha He Speaks The Truth! Go Alzner

  • Bruins in 5

    3rd man in much?

  • Ana

    Dangerous Karl Alzner dangerously separating players. 

  • JTStally

    Lucic did get an extra two in the last incident and Alzner didn’t go at all.  Lucic definitely makes some stupid plays and is usually good for real one boneheaded play a game.  However, you also downplayed Alzner’s actions by describing them as “intervening.”

    While it certainly shouldn’t have been penalized as severely as a “third man in” kind of thing, Alzner was lucky he didn’t get hauled off to the box on that one for jumping in to what was a one-on-one situation that the ref was already trying to break up.  Alzner definitely compounded the scrum by engaging Lucic, while he was already engaged with Hendricks.  He likely would have gone if the refs weren’t trying to find a way to even it to 4-on-4 after the call on Backstrom.

  • Gw1073

    Hendricks punched Lucic first… and the penalties throughout the game were fair, to any objective observer. And Alzner is going to take a beating from Lucic at some point in the future… if not several.

  • Bradley Roth

    Matt Hendricks cross checked Lucic from behind.Alzner third man in and Lucic gets double minor?

  • nuwriter

    It takes a tough man to attack anothet man, from behind, while that man is being restrained by two other men.

  • Gw1073

    true dat

  • In response to Bruins fans: LOL, OK

  • Alznersmom

    Alzner is a dead man. Try winning a playoff series, then you can talk shit!

  • Guestzs

    The series is nowhere from over. We all know what happens when you talk too soon.

  • NHLucicrybabyeahright

    alzners toast

  • Rbrossma

    alzners crying cuz he doesn’t have a ring on his finger like lucic does

  • Theboublog

    Know what I really love? Trolling bruins fans on a Caps site. That REALLY makes my day

  • hahaha nice one K.A. – can someone explain to me how Backstrom and Lucic both ended up in the box after the first period though? Didn’t really make any sense (as Nicky didn’t even lift his hand and simply skated away).

  • ASL

    I’m still left aghast over Brooks Laich getting an unsportsmanlike conduct for… uh, getting slewfooted by Lucic? And being essentially mounted by Chara behind the net?

    Look, Bruins, we all know Brooks Laich is devastatingly handsome and lord knows you’re lacking anything a quarter as good looking on your team, but keep your goddamn paws to yourselves.

  • Hard Hat

    and it takes an even tougher man to attack Backstrom in the head. Brute only gets you so far, another reason looch hasn’t done anything beyond shoving this entire series.

  • Rbrossma

    yeah Its fun Caps won’t be around too long

  • Rbrossma

    p.s. have fun without backstrom in game 4

  • Karlzner

    Just got himself an Alzner jersey bought

  • Capssuck

    caps fans are pussies!

  • Goosegoose35

     cries the guy who was 3rd man in, Looch will give him something to cry about next game.

  • Goosegoose35

     howabout that crosscheck to the face

  • Goosegoose35

     I’m a bruins fan, not here to troll. Under normal circumstances I root for the caps, been to many games in DC, love ovi, backstrom, semin, etc but got to go with the bruins this time around. If Washington can beat the Bruins, go caps. But I want to see a repeat!

  • Ana

    I love that we still have Bruins fans around debating these things, but I’m confused that most of the responses from Bruins fans seem to be threats of violence against Alzner.  

  • Timeline

     no…. Lucic threw the first punch.. at Wideman… Lucic threw the first cross check even before the first punch… at Alzner… making it perhaps a Lucic/Alzner thing and after Lucic threw the punch at Wides, Alzner stepped up to Lucic for swingin away at anyone he could and by then Lucic threw the 2nd punch.. at Hendricks.. which set Hendricks off to actually want to give him a fight and Lucic tried to latch onto that and go w/ the one real fight he could’ve gotten, but Alzner was trying to get involved with him before Lucic even drew Hendricks into the situation….. we can debate interpretations all day, but the initiator in all this is pretty darn obvious… cause there is video and we can just look at it and see who did what first.. 0_0..

  • Timeline

    I’ll even append my own argument.. Lucic’s “crosscheck” on Alzner was probably just him kinda falling into Alzner after being cleared out of the crease by Wideman.. but definitely this was all just normal business until Alzner took exception to Lucic throwing that first punch at Wideman.. and Lucic definitely threw the first punch at Hendricks

  • Bottomline

    bottom line… this started out as a healthy scrum after Lucic tried to crash the net and the defense tried to clear him out of the crease… after that there was only one man who threw punches at more than one person and even then it woulda been fine until he threw a punch at the guy we all know totally would’ve started throwing punches back.

    .. and I don’t believe for a second that Julienne didn’t know what happened here.  He just had the good sense to develop some momentary amnesia so he didn’t have to comment on what Lucic might’ve deserved.. for him I’m sure it was a job well done – what he did, for right or wrong, was pretty pivotal to the Bruins winning this one.

  • The dude just wrote his own obituary.  Hope he enjoys the taste of his own blood on Thursday!

  • Chip

    How about the two game misconducts Thomas should’ve gotten in game 2? 

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  • Ana

    I’m glad that you’ve decided to become a regular commenter! Can we offer you a drink?

  • Holy_Cal

    To every Boston fan here:

    I presume you also like the Sox. So, ROBERT ANDINO. Go jerk off whilst watching Good Will Hunting.

  • Peter

    Good Will Hunting is a fraud.

  • I love this school yard  “My Dad can beat your Dad Up.” Face it Bruins Fans your team is not the “Broad Street Bullies.” You aren’t even as tough as the “Bash Brothers” from Mighty Ducks 2. Especially when you have the “Uber Bad-Ass” Brad Marchand who is sliding down the ice every two minutes ala Syndey Crosby ala Greg Louganis. As far BooHoocic it takes a Bad Ass to cross check a player in the back 2 minutes after the whistle blows. I love the hypocritical Boston fans. You know the ones who pretty much got tackling the Quarterback in the NFL taken away because Tom Brady was getting hit to hard. You are a freeking joke. Hey
    Masshole Sports I love the fact you threatened Karl Alzner. What line do you play on so I can watch you make Alzner taste his own blood? Oh thats right you dont play. I know you think you do but all you really do is sit in yauh musty basement wearing yauh Cam Neely jersey in some chowdah stained sweat pants putting on the foil and screaming at yauh kids. Celtics suck, Sox suck, Patriots Suck, Bruins Suck

  • YorHunterFromTheFuture

    I wouldn’t even waste the energy required to mash my fists against a keyboard  seeking out a Bruins blog much less type a comment on one. By all means though, come throw yourselves under the great wheeled internet vehicle of anonymous  commenting rage.

  • Blackmagick20

    Games 4 and 5 were quite a bit of fun, actually! The team with the better goalie won…