Timmy and the Obama signs on NBCSN. (Photo credit: @levnaginsky)

On Sunday we posted some highly scientific analysis about the Tim Thomas – Barack Obama connection, as well as two printable posters and an Obama mask that could be cut out and worn all over your pretty face. The response was enthusiastic and varied. It is truly an honor to appear on Bruins blogs and Glenn Beck’s site in the same day.

We were flanked in our effort to psyche out Timmy by our friends at Sick Unbelievable, Brooks Laichyear, and Homer McFanboy. Whatever you make of the political dimension of the campaign or its impact on the game, at least we got to see how tight this Caps fan community is. It’s large-scale silliness and public mayhem for a good cause.

We’ve got all kinds of meta-coverage below the jump, so please follow along.

ABC 7’s Britt McHenry Talks About Our Signs Pre-Game

Video credit: Michelle Geyer (@CapsFan2475)

CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada Talks About Our Campaign

Video by @brightestcolour

Chris Gordon’s Photos

  • Cpt Giggles


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  • LionGirl

    Kind of a big deal. ‘Grats.

  • Sillyduck8

    Well done!

  • threechordme

    love the tax payer money one 

  • nuwriter

    And yet he won the game…


  • Ivan9856

    I think those signs were probably responsible for this loss.

  • Guestzs

    We need an endorsment by Obama on the jumbotron. That’ll do it!

  • this reply has words in it.

    Come on, how can you blame the “This sign has words on it” sign?

  • Sgt. Hartman

    You’re right…that one was fine.  But, the President’s mug probably just fired up Thomas enough to remind him of the the inevitability of his impending IRS audit and HHS rectal exam.

  • this reply has words in it.

    Actually, that was my sign, and I really just wanted to get a laugh out of some of the Boston players (Merchand chuckled and Thornton laughed and even told me the sign was funny.), but Thomas was ignoring everyone.  He was focused during the warm ups.  He was not going to let the fans get to him.

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  • i had some serious obama envy next to homermcfanboy.  size matters….

  • Peter

    I’m kinda pissed my graph was on CBC and they didn’t even give me credit OR at least mention all the awful Canada jokes I’ve been making here since 2009. It’s like my legacy.

  •  Yeah. Honestly, how hard is it to put in small text under the graph – russianmachineneverbreaks.com – considering they ALREADY altered our chart in some graphics program anyways. Come on, CBC!

  • I seem to remember a similar thing backfiring with the No Jager/Mullet signs…

  • Peter

    We shoulda done the faces too!

  • Peter

    photoshop dot com. That’s a papyrus font, and it’s misaligned with the paper. Here’s the ELA for it. 

  •  Yeah, that looked good! I guess there’s a reason why that graphics guy works for CBC and I live in Maryland.

  • RRTN

    If you do not see the humor in this you have no soul. Love it!! Especially the giant heads.

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