Shanabanned: Nicklas Backstrom Suspended One Game

Photo credit: Jim Wilt

Nicklas Backstrom has been suspended one game for a cross-check to the head of Rich Peverley in the third period of the Caps 4-3 loss to the Bruins this Monday. Backstrom received a match penalty for this cross-check at the time, which comes with an automatic one-game suspension pending review by the NHL front office.

Review it they did, and VP of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan has ruled that the suspension will stand. Backstrom will miss Game 4 on Thursday, the second of two home games in Washington DC. The Caps are currently down 2-1 to the Bruins for the series, and will have a chance to even the series, though that chance has just gotten significantly more difficult with arguably their best player sitting out.

You can watch Brendan Shanahan’s suspension video below the jump. Make sure there is nothing breakable nearby.

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Hey! That picture looks familiar!

Have you been off the grid for the last two days? Yeah? Okay, catching you up real quick: Caps fans taunted Tim Thomas with Obama signs, and then everyone and their moms wrote about it. Even The Huffington Post wrote about it, and they’re like the Ocean’s Eleven of the Internet: only stealing the good stuff!

And then on Tuesday, the Pardon The Interruption crew featuring former Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon addressed the taunting during their toss-up segment, WORD!

Video is below the jump.

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DC Birds Hate Tyler Seguin

You could be excused for forgetting that Tyler Seguin has come to DC — with a grand total of zero goals, zero points, and zero penalty minutes, Boston’s regular-season leading scorer has made himself all but invisible.

At least, to human eyes. As it turns out, our local seagulls — obviously Caps fans — think quite differently. They’ve been even more vigilant in watching for the Bruins junior heartthrob than the Capitals defense, and this afternoon they made sure to welcome him to the city with a very special hello.

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Because this is apparently A Thing now, and because our comments are inundated with semi-literate Boston fans, here’s an animated GIF of Karl Alzner taunting Milan Lucic.

As an antidote, Beccah at Japers Rink wrote a very smart article about how playing the pest won’t work against the Bruins. And there’s a special treat behind the jump for The Alz-Stars (which is our new name for Karl’s fan club).

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10:23 p.m. was not a good time for the Washington Capitals on Monday. That’s when the clock hit zero, putting the Caps down 2-1 in their best of seven quarterfinal matchup with the Bruins. But it was also what happened after the whistle that could haunt the team’s postseason chances.

As the final seconds ticked off and the Caps dropped the game 4-3, Boston’s Rich Peverley and Alex Ovechkin got into a scuffle. Coming to the aid of his buddy, Nicklas Backstrom delivered a cross-check up high on the Bruins forward. That’s when the inconsistent officiating of this series — and these playoffs as a whole — once again reared its head. For his infraction — the third called against him in the game — Backstrom was assessed a match penalty.

The video is after the jump.

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