DC Birds Hate Tyler Seguin

You could be excused for forgetting that Tyler Seguin has come to DC — with a grand total of zero goals, zero points, and zero penalty minutes, Boston’s regular-season leading scorer has made himself all but invisible.

At least, to human eyes. As it turns out, our local seagulls — obviously Caps fans — think quite differently. They’ve been even more vigilant in watching for the Bruins junior heartthrob than the Capitals defense, and this afternoon they made sure to welcome him to the city with a very special hello.

I’m not sure that means what you think it means, Tyler.

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  • David

    I don’t think it was a seagull. I believe it was Slapshot.

  • Neviusjohn

    Tyler, that’s good luck to a Massachusetts fisherman. Reel some in for the Bruins

  • We’re not in Massachusetts anymore, Neviusjohn. ‘Round these parts, getting pooped on by a bird is just that–getting pooped on by a bird. 😛

  • Chris

    Rally pigeon sending a message?

  • Dark Stranger

    Of course, by pointing out the lack of production for Seguin, will he now break through? Isn’t that the Locker and Joe B jinx?

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  • Klarissa

    The first time I have ever liked/been proud of/not afraid of seagulls. They used their disgusting powers for good instead of french fry stealing evil. They make me proud!