• Go Caps

    Milan Lucic- tough guy when the real fighters are off the ice.

  • Too bad we don’t ever have real fighters on the ice.

  • Alzner for Conn Smythe

    The best part of this gif is the look of the linesman.  PLEASE DON’T COME AFTER ME!

  • lol at .GIF, but awwww, at the doggies. I think my German Shepherd would be a rough playmate for their liking though 🙁

    Lucic, on the otherhand, is nothing short of a wuss, either way you look at it, though. Cheap shots, waiting for the real tough guys to not be in range, before he pitches a fit(reminds me of a certain penguin, who of which, will remain nameless). I would seriously pay to see Hendricks,Erskine, or Hamrlik flat out level him and see if it’s possible to have decentcy and common sense in that man’s head.

  • Amanda

    Erskine DID level him a few years back 🙂  It’s on YouTube, and it’s fantastic.  

  • Black Bart

     LOL! Really? Seriously?? Who are the “real” tough guys in that lineup? Fact #1 Hendricks was right there and he would’nt drop his gloves. Fact #2 Erskine isn’t enough of a hockey player to even be in the lineup. Fact #3 Lucic has fought Erskine at least twice. January 3, 2008, and October 19, 2010. Fact #4 Roman Hamrlik won’t fight Lucic or anybody else for that matter in this video he turtles and tries to hide behind a linesman went confronted by Shawn Thornton. Fact #5 take it from a “semi-literate” B’s fan the word you tried to use is decency (lose the “t”).

  • Black Bart


  • Slob

    There is not a player on the Capitals that could win a fight against Lucic. Fact.

  • Peter

  • Jfbuks

     so where was erskine and lucic? if you want to point something out you should at least have some proof to back your ass up!!

  • Black Bart

     I gave you the dates. Did you think I was lying? Do a little homework before you flap your ignorant toothless gums!!

  • Black Bart

     Amanda, aren’t you neglecting to mention that it was the other way around in their other fight? Lets all be honest with one another now. Its the democratic way. But the point was that Lucic did not run from anyone in a caps uniform.

  • Flynnie321

    Your German Shepherd would get all he wanted from Karl’s dachsunds (bred to drag out badgers from their dens).  Just like the Broonz arge getting all they want from the Caps.  They are so lucky to have won last night, and they know they are very eligible for elimination.  I just wish last night’s loss wasn’t so utterly painful.

  • hey assholes, you realize alzner was the third man in right? thats called a penalty and also called being a bitch. let hendricks fight his own battles, he’s the only guy remotely tough enough to stand up to lucic on your team

  • Boston B

    Caps players and Caps fans are all the same. Backing down and not willing to stand up to a challenge. The players did it all night and weren’t willing to drop the gloves. Same happened when I was leaving the arena after the game. A Caps “fan”  got in my wife’s face taunter her for wearing a Bruins jersey, but when I stepped in he swiftly turned and scampered away.

  • Why is ‘fan’ in scare quotes?

  • 3 Games. 0G. 0A. 0P. Even. 8 PIM output after an hour on the ice over ~75 shifts. Seriously, We should kiss his tears away, ruffle his hair and pray to sweet baby jesus that this tool spend as much time playing in this series as possible.

  • Hi.
    *I’m* a caps fan.
    I’m different.

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  • Figures Alzner backtracked. Didn’t want to get his bell rung tonight. 

  • RSRD

    You are an idiot and obviously dont watch hockey much. Erskine has beat lucic to the ice in their past 3 fights. Guess whose playing tonight? Big Johnny Erskine. I bet Lucic hides behind Thorton. Now that dude is tough.

  • Paulis77

    u moron