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Have you been off the grid for the last two days? Yeah? Okay, catching you up real quick: Caps fans taunted Tim Thomas with Obama signs, and then everyone and their moms wrote about it. Even The Huffington Post wrote about it, and they’re like the Ocean’s Eleven of the Internet: only stealing the good stuff!

And then on Tuesday, the Pardon The Interruption crew featuring former Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon addressed the taunting during their toss-up segment, WORD!

Video is below the jump.

Here’s the transcript:

Tony Reali: It was blank that Caps fans taunted Tim Thomas with President Obama heads.

Tony Kornheiser: It was apt. I know that’s a small word. Size doesn’t matter all the time. It happens to be the apt word. Tim Thomas would not accompany the Bruins when they won the Stanley Cup to visit the White House because he doesn’t like President Obama. So the Caps tried to get at him because of that, to some degree they did. The Caps got three goals which is more than they hard gotten in the first two games of the series so it was apt.

Michael Wilbon: It was totally Duke-ish. I mean you can picture the Dukies, the Cameron Crazies, doing something like this. You don’t want to come to our town, Washington, the White House to visit President Obama we go after you and we go after you hard. It was straight out of the Duke Blue Devils student playbook. Duke-ish.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone out there who printed out the signs that we made, and Top Gun high-five to all who made your own. Your enthusiasm and humor make the Caps fan community what it is, and what it is is way better than Boston. That’s for sure.

Huge thanks to reader @TrevorCampbell8 for first alerting us to this!

Video transcribed by Chris Gordon.

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  • As a Lehigh student, I reject Kornheiser’s last statement

  • Eric

    Duke-ish, now that’s offensive

  • Prongfan

    If only our team, like our online community, was better than Boston’s.

  • Breed16

    Even when Wilbon compliments DC, he does it with the back of his hand.

  • serpent

    It is, hon, it is.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    “Except Duke usually wins.” UGH! Douche.

  • “Except Duke usually wins.” As much as I hate Duke… truth be told.

  • Anngodin1

    I don’t blame him for not going to the White House.. Our morals in New England were founded on trying to build a better nation not destroy it!!! Props to Thomas!!!