Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

With 1:17 to go in the second period of Thursday’s win, Alex Semin gathered the puck at his customary spot along the side boards and looked to create some offense on the Capitals’ third power play of the night. As the Bruins defense sagged, Sasha skated in to the left dot and unleashed a 71 MPH wrist shot past Tim Thomas. Scoar!

Video of the game-winning tally is below, as well as a goal celebration that doesn’t involve any belly patting whatsoever.

What happened next is up to interpretation.

Verizon Center went wild, and the guys on ice seemed pretty happy too. Alex Ovechkin didn’t settle for the customary hug or a celebratory tackle. Instead, he (allegedly) gave Sasha a little peck on the cheek. Tovarisch!

Credit: Also, check out Dimagus’ GIF.

We’re not exactly 100% sure about this, so we sent video to the war room in Toronto. We’ll let you know when we get confirmation.

Additional reporting by Ana Hansen.

  • It would explain why Tim Thomas is so angry looking afterwards….  EVERYONE should support Russian on Russian love!

  • JustinC71

    As long as the Russian Machine keeps winning games, we’re willing to overlook awkward social differences.

  • all it takes to beat the bruins is a goaltender that’s better than thomas

  •  I’m pretty sure they did it to get under his skin.

  • Sillyduck8

    Sacha cares!

  • JBV

    the CBC feed caught semin sticking his tongue out at ovi in the middle of that little hugfest as well

  • Cpt Giggles

    The sadness in Tim Thomas’s eyes are priceless, He can tell, their season is slipping away, the caps are playing the best hockey I’ve seen in a LONG time… When you can count the number of mistakes on your hands, your doing something right.

  • Cpt Giggles

    Someone should donate game 6 tickets for me to sit behind Thomas, I have an Obama Halloween mask and I promise to wear it.

  • I thought he was thinking about Solyndra or the Fast and the Furious scandal.

  • Mcrere_va

    he can kiss him all he wants as long as the goals and wins keep coming!!!  Sasha Cares!!!

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  • I could have swore Ovi kissed Sasha, but no one said anything on twitter.

  • serpent

    Laser Sacha deserved the kiss and the hug and who better to deliver than his best friend,huh?

  • Relax. Ovi has a got GF. 

  • Luke, formerly Poo

    I’ve loved Sasha’s play this year.  I hope he gets signed back

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  • JBV