Video: Alex Ovechkin Introduces His Linemates

This playoff year, NBC has introduced a new quirk into their coverage of the NHL playoffs: they allow one player from each team’s top line to introduce his linemates in a short segment videotaped in the locker room. Earlier in the Caps Bruins series, we were treated to Brad Marchand introducing his trio. Today, Alex Ovechkin had the chance to rock the mic. And he brought the awkward.

I’m Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals. This is Brooks Laich from Washington Capitals. Marcus Johansson from Washington Capitals. He’s from Sweden. He’s Canadian. And I’m from Russia. So…


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  • Irish boo4Caps

    LOVE it……made me smile …THANKS RMNB!!!!!!!

  • Perfection.

    The first take of this video was scrapped because there was way too much laughing in my living room.

  • Ducocap

    Brook’s “I’ve had enough of this”walk off is classic…

  • This is so awesome! MoJo looking like a boss. Haha.

  • Hey, for what its worth they posted a better quality version on the site:

  • Njc2448

    I love how Brooks just said enough of this bullshit