Bruins beat Caps 4-3 (OT), We’re Going to Seven

Crash the net! (Photo credit: Mitchell Layton)

Three times in Game Six did the Boston Bruins gain a lead over the Washington Capitals. And three times did the Caps tie it up. But the Caps just couldn’t finish off Boston.

Rich Peverley was credited for deflecting Bergeron’s blue-line bomb past Holtby. Mike Green got that back with a slapshot from way out, bouncing off Greg Zanon’s lower body in traffic. David Krecji used his speed to convert a power play and restore the Bruins’ lead. Jason Chimera evened it up by finishing off a great setup from Nick Backstrom at the end of the second period. Tyler Seguin’s rebound made easy feeding for Andrew Ference, giving the Bruins their third lead of the day. Alex Ovechkin canceled that out with a laser-quick  shot off the faceoff with just five minutes remaining.

Into overtime, which Boston dominated until Tyler Seguin got the game winner. Bruins beat Caps 4-3 (OT). We’re going to Game Seven in Boston.

  • Mike Green‘s goal was his first since October 22, 2011– when Bruce Boudreau was head coach and dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • Alex Ovechkin‘s high stick to Zdeno Chara‘s face drew blood, so a four-minute power play ensued. The Bruins and their fans had been waiting for that call since game one, but the Caps PK unit held them to a single shot. Epic kill.
  • And then again in the 4-on-3 kill that wrapped around the second intermission. Hendricks got called for a trip a few second into 4-on-4 hockey, leading to a very tense opening to the third period. The PK unit– Alzner, Beagle, Laich– was superb for the duration.
  • Jason Chimera clipped an unaware Brad Marchand before his goal. Julien wanted the call but didn’t get it– either because Marchand’s embellishment is hockey’s version of baroque caligraphy or because Ted Leonsis worked the refs on a blog post a few days ago. We think the latter is the reason, but we’re gonna give Ted the secondary assist on the goal anyway.
  • The pride of the Caps defense had been sweeping away the loose pucks and rebounds that Braden Holtby’s occasionally produces. Even Dennis Wideman, whose very presence in the lineup is mystifying, excelled at clearing the slot. But when it failed, it failed big– giving Andrew Ference a teed-up puck to hit.
  • We lack the intellect and vocabulary to have a cogent discussion about how Dale Hunter manages ice time. Aucoin getting tons of time on the power play? Yeah. Mike Green getting short shrift so that Wideman gets more ice time? No clue. For example…
  • As pointed out by maven Nate Ewell, the two even-strength shifts that Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstom shared resulted in goals. We recommended this after game one, and we are totally cocky about it now.
  • Man, Tyler Seguin really picked a good time to get into this series, eh? Birdpoop.

Series record: Capitals 3, Bruins 3

Yeah, that sounds about right. The Capitals never held a lead in this game. They were playing catch-up for way too long, and that’s not a plan for success.

The Ovechkin line was used heavily in overtime. He and his mates have long been criticized as lacking defensive awareness, and that criticism rings true right now. Tyler Seguin was alone in the slot when Lucic set him up for the win. Not sure what Wideman was doing. Not just on that play, but in general.

So we’re going back to Boston in a few days. The Capitals should be disappointed but not discouraged. They played good hockey today. They’ve proved lots of people wrong already. When they win on Wednesday, they’ll have proven everyone wrong.

  • I.Still.Love.This.Team.  

  • oh and….FREE ORLOV!  (Wideman needs a breather….)

  • Anyone else think that they seemed to want to pass way down the ice and try for a breakaway instead of walking it into the offensive zone and setting up something? 

    On another note Alzner was pretty fantastic today. 

  • Muzzah2004

    How has Wideman’s ass not been put in the dog house yet?  He is 326th in +/- at a -4 (worst in the league is -5).  He has 1 assist.  And he has been on the ice for almost all of the Bruins’ goals.  Many of them created by him making awful pinches/plays.  This game, he just stands in the middle of the ice and lets Seguin go in all alone for the OTG/GWG.


  • Chriscanavan500

    Bruins Rule

  • Until Wednesday

  • Goosegoose35

     I tried telling you guys this a few posts earlier. I had to watch him suck for 3 years in Boston…Good luck boys for game 7. I will be there as I was game 5, I hope a different result.

  • Goosegoose35

    I really hope Marshmont learned his lesson with his diving BS. Poetic Justice on that Chimera goal. Not gunna lie last year when Hamerlick took a dive and the Bruins scored it felt so good. He needs to take of his strap on vagina and strap on a pair of balls. That is all. Good luck all for game 7

  • Jim

    Wait, maybe he’s a spy from Boston, sent here to screw us up?

  • Because he played for Dale Hunter in London, and if you played for Dale Hunter, you apparently get unlimited boondoggles.  

    I quite frankly think that after two bad games, Marcus needs to have a seat in the press box.  How did he miss that wide-open net?!

  •  Yo dude … get real and leave off with the misogyny.  Or at least read up on what Betty White had to say about the difference between balls and vaginas.

  • Jim

    Hunter needs to get a handle on these turnovers as the team exits their zone.  They’re not as bad as they were 20 games ago, but they were the death of the team tonight, and will continue to be.

  • Goosegoose35

     Oh I know what Betty White said. That being said, in the NHL, you do not want to have a vagina. Sorry if you get offended, but for real get over it. Vaginas may take a pounding but balls wont bleed for no apparent reason.

  • Goose, you’re way out of line.

  • Sorry I missed this. 

  • Totally right. Failing on my part to address the breakout problems.

    Alzner is always the best.

  • Knuble, as always, had net presence (his screen allowed that goal to go in) and did a great job of grinding. And, as always, he was used sparingly. If you let him, um, play, we might see some results. 

  •  Thanks, Peter … you run a classy blog.

  • Johnnymorte

    Overall a lot of soft calls in this game, both the Chimera and Semin calls were BS.

     Wideman is a shitty PP quarterback.  Even if Green has not scored a bunch of goals he settles the play and sets up well in the zone.  Backie, Ovi, Semin, Green and JoJo on the PP for two minutes.  Checking forwards  on the PP are not going to get the job done.

    I am worried about Holtby.   He has immense talent,  but I don’t know if he’s too young to handle the pressure of these late game scenarios.     

    If they don’t win Game 7 can DH and Wideman and send them both back to London.  To be honest with you anybody and their mother can coach players of this talent to a round 1 exit. 

  • pattyo

    Carlzner and The Greenlik duos have been playing fantastic. Too bad wideman has been sucking so bad he kind of cancels everything out!

    I’d say give Orlov the start, but i REALLY dont think he could handle a game 7….

    Something also tells me that Neuvy should be the guy in net.

  • Alexhall83
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  • Kyle Branin

    just went to enter the blog and I got here instead. Bad sign

  • Dark Stranger

    Neuvy’s not exactly 100% physically and is still in pain.  So probably not the right guy in net at the moment.

  • Goat

     The “Home Run Pass” has been a recurring go-to move for at least three seasons now.


  • Going to be epic wednesday

  • Dave

    Can anyone please tell me why lifetime AHLer Keith Aucoin is playing in this series???? How can you sit Perrault in place of Aucoin??? And where is Halpern – he of the experience playing in these types of games??
    We need to make some serious personnel changes – LETS GO CAPS!!!!

  • Rhino40


    Call me crazy, but just one of the many reasons I want my Caps to advance is because–with very few exceptions–I like the team as currently constructed–I think they could win it all–if not this year then very, very soon.

    Unfortunately, another first-round exit–never mind that it is and has been a close-fought struggle with the defending champions–would only increase the impatient howls from many fans, potentially resulting in the team getting blown up during the off-season.

    IMHO, absolutely nothing would be worse for hockey in Washington than rolling a (figurative) grenade into the locker room at this point.  Indeed, even a coaching change or GM change may be ill-advised.

    Make no mistake though: I think our guys have done a terrific job of going toe-to-toe with these goony divers and making a series of it, and as always I will be pulling for them to put the B’s down for good on Wednesday….at 1:00 PM…WTF?!?!??

    As for those morons who have shown their total lack of class by attempting to  troll one of the finest sites in the Hockeyverse, I have only these sweet morsels to add:

    Bruins in 4!


    Bruins in 5


    Bruins in 6

    I don’t think so–besides, are you retarded?!?!?!

    don’t poke the Bear

    We already did, with a 12-foot iron pike.  And we’ll continue to poke him until he bleeds out!!

    “Bruins in 7” lacks swagger, and it’s just….fail.

    GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!

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