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Way back in March when I was interviewing several people for my feature on Joe Beninati’s rookie card, Alex Carbajal, Panini’s License Acquisitions Manager and contributor to their trading card blog, forwarded me to a glorious blog post they had done earlier in the season.

The story goes like this: Tim Thomas was the cover boy of Panini’s 2011-12 Certified Hockey cards. When Thomas and the Bruins came to Dallas to take on the Stars in late December – close to Panini’s American Headquarters, Terry Hackler met Thomas at the hotel and they opened an entire box of cards. As Thomas went through a few packs, he shared stories about certain players that he pulled.

Well, lucky for us, he pulled a card of Alex Ovechkin and shared a story that might be of interest to you.

The pertinent section begins at 4:16, which I have transcribed below.

Tracy Hackler: Now I pulled an Alex Ovechkin [card]… What’s the thought process in your mind when he’s coming at you with the puck? How do you defend him?

Tim Thomas: I just try to read and react to him. I’ve faced him — other than in [regular season] games — at the All-Star Game in Montreal. A couple years ago in the shootout, I accidentally tripped him and he went head-first into the boards. I skated right over to him and went, “Oh sorry, sorry, sorry. You okay? You okay?” His words to me were [Ed note: Thomas in his Russian accent] “Russian machine never breaks.”

[Both laugh.]

Tim Thomas: And that’s a true story.

So apparently “Russian machine never breaks” is one of Ovechkin’s automatic responses when he seems injured. Awesome.

You can watch the moment that Thomas is talking about below.

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  • I like the “Don’t worry, Teddy” by Ovechkin at the end of that last video clip.

  • So who’s ready fro game 7?

  • Savvy

     I’m almost ready.  Just have to finish writing my will so when I have a heart attack on Wednesday night, they’ll know who to divvy up all my various pens and pencils to.

  • Garrett

    RIP Caveman Ovi

  • meowmix

    I miss the happy fun loving ovi. I feel ovi now is tense and too serious. We should want him to enjoy what he is doing as much as we want him to succeed! 

  • sprubee

    I agree with the previous statements – and I was just commenting to my husband yesterday during game 6 after his goal how when he goes so long without scoring, it’s like a part of his spirit dies. His unabashedly shameless, obnoxious caveman spirit. 

  • Rhino40

    Can’t say I totally agree:  After the scoaring the tying goal in the  3rd he seemed to be having a lot of fun to me…

  • pattyo

    It’s all about his confidence…… When he’s confident, he’s the ovi we all know and love; scoring, celebrating like a madman, and doing insane moves through the defense.

    After all these disappointing playoff, olympic, and world championship losses, his confidence is at an all time low.

    It has nothing to do with the “C” on his jersey, he just needs some big wins to get his swagger back!


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  • serpent

    After so many “almost” shots, it’s was a great big “FINALLY,DAMMIT!”

  • Caps_11brant

     tonight is a good time for him to return and carry the confidence through till later in June.