Game 7: It’s On

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The Washington Capitals are 2-7 all-time in Game Sevens. They’re 0-1 all-time in Game Sevens on the road, 1-2 all-time in Game Seven OT, and none of that matters at all, because all we need them to be is 1-0 in Game Sevens on April 25, 2012, versus the Boston Bruins.

This is the big time, ladies and gentlemen, this is the part of the movie that they save the most dramatic music for. We would have loved to see a handshake line on Sunday, but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t really have seemed like the right ending, would it? We were always destined to take it back to Boston and beat them on their own home ice, because it’s just better like that — and because if the Washington Capitals ever once did things the simple way, you wouldn’t even recognize them.

If you’ve missed any of the series so far, your heart is probably in a much better state than ours right now, and you can catch up below with a neat “Series in 3 Minutes” video that CSNNE put together. Spoiler: at the end you’ll be really amped.

S/T to Andrew Whitman for the stats.

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  • Josh

    Unfortunately, I will be in the air for the entire game.  I’m hoping when I land, I come to RMNB and read a headline that says “HOLT-BEAST UNSTOPPABLE!!  RUSSIAN MACHINE BREAKS TIM THOMAS!!”

  • Ana

    Your mouth to the hockey gods’ ears. Have a safe trip!

  • I am going to be at sea during this game.  I am hoping (with all digits crossed) that there will be game access because … I need to experience heart stopping action at sea 🙂

  • Michael01a

    IF NOT US – WHO?

  • Rhino40

    DO Poke the Bear…you know the rest.

  • Hale

    This morning I thought of this video from the WC with Sasha crossing himself over and over. I am no good at making gifs, but if someone can, it would be a good one. It’s about 55 seconds in after he and Ovi do their secret handshake. 

  • Pete

    Game 7 Here We Come

  • Robert

    Someone needs to be possessed by a demon and grab the bootstraps of the team to turn theses bears into cubs…..

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