It’s Time for Braden Holtby to be a Hero

Video by Roxanne Wilson

Braden Holtby has been a demigod in this series, a rookie goalie going toe-to-toe with a reigning Conn Smythe winner for the first time in NHL history and handling the pressure more brilliantly than any of us could have guessed. Holtby has a .935 SV% and a 2.18 GAA for the series so far, has stopped 202 of the 216 shots directed his way, and tonight, he has an opportunity to etch his name on Caps history.

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  • The five seconds beginning at 0:45 are very painful to watch.  Wideman.  Sigh.

  • Awesome video!!! LET’S GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!

  • Hppowers72

    1000% awesomeness!

  • Rocktheredva

    It’s time for the REST of the boys to keep Holtby from HAVING to be a hero.  I loved the video though, Holtby kicks ass.

  • For the record though, I guessed it.

  •  Also, I’m still using “The Creation of Holtby”  by Michelangelo as my facebook cover photo.

  • KareeLyn

    How are people holding up?  I’m bordering on nauseous 

  • Luke

    he’s standing his ground decently well so far. looked a little shaky in the 2nd.  Marchand is getting away with some major goaltending interference.  I fucking hate that guy. 

    Also, nice stare down from Holtby after a little fake whack


  • Georginap

    Loved the video.  And yes, Braden Holtby’s name is etched on Cap’s history forever