Holtby’s not impressed.

Before the series started, the Bruins talked a tough game about getting in Braden Holtby‘s face and making life difficult for him. Like many players before them, they soon learned that was easier said than done. With the score tied at 1-1 at the end of a tense second period, Rich Peverley got a little too close to Holtby and Holtby let him know by shoving him off his skates. Peverely retaliated — or at least, pretended to, taking a two-handed slash at Holtby that he stopped just short, clearly trying to spook or scare him.

Video is below the jump.

Holtby didn’t even flinch. As we have the whole series, we got the definite impression that he’s not all impressed with the Bruins’ antics.

Our goalie has actual ice in his veins.


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  • Holtby Badger don’t give a shit. 

  • Holt-beast.

  • Rhino40

    Peverley = #TROLL FAIL


  • Rhino40

    Holtby to Peverley: 

    Puh-LEEEZE!  Now get that weak-ass shit outta my crease!


  • This is my favorite Holbty moment of all time.  So far.

    What you couldn’t hear was this:”Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

  • Breed16

    Like a boss.

  • That is the stone cold confidence of a man who knows, absolutely knows, he isn’t giving up another goal that night.

  • or:  “Take it! Strike me down with all of your hatred! Then your journey to the dark side shall be complete!”

  • Here’s a better .gif of the incident http://i46.tinypic.com/1h40th.gif

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  • kuh-NOO-buhl

    Love the resulting stare-down from Holtby!

  • serpent

    Swing and I’ll show you where to put it,dude.

  • Holtby for President!

  • Holtby is THE MAN

  • Not a F#$% was given by Holtby!

  • Our goalie has actual antifreeze in his veins.

  • Roadworrier22

    I loved when he pushed Chara out of the crease earlier in the series.  The only bad thing about the Penguins being eliminated is I would love to have seen Holtby shove and stare down Crosby while repeatedly stonewalling him and Malkin.  Crosbaby’s tears would have flowed and the whining would have never subsided.