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Here’s how the Caps celebrated Joel Ward’s series-ending overtime goal. Follow us past the jump for a massive GIF.

Created by Dimagus.

Watch for: the coaching staff hugging on the bench, Hamrlik skating the wrong direction.

And here’s one more for good measure.

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Finally here’s Ovi freaking out.

Photo credit: John McDonnell

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  • Dustin Sier

    I saved  a shot for this….so long coming.

  • I like how the Bruins fans on the other side of the glass are half-heartedly standing up and sort of tapping the glass…

  • Hammer’s skating towards his goalie, ya dummy!

  • Photoshop Guy

    Tee Time Thomas

  • Rhino40

    More joy.


  • Rhino40

     Priceless double-entendre

  • Sentientcheese

    Caption for ovi pic: WOOOO COME AT ME BRO

  • Guest

     still looked hilarious! it kinda looks like hes floating

  • K4

    How about Dean Evason jumping so high he shrinks by about 2 feet on the landing? 

  • Nour H

    Hahaha I love the coaches all hugging 

  • Ana

    Oh, here’s another wonderful thing I just noticed: watch the scoreboard light and change from  “WSH: 1” and “WSH: 2”. Beautiful.

  • Revengel

    I’d like to read a passage from The Good Goal Book.

    Ward 2:57 – And lo, shall ye get t’golfing.

  • What gets me more than anything else is how Ward broke down into tears. If that’s not caring, I don’t know what is. This is a team that wanted it more, for sure. Go Caps!

  • Jim

    Caption for ovi pic: “Fuck you, I’m an anteater.”


    Way to keep it classy Boston fans!  (referring to the double middle finger the guy in the front row is giving our boys – initially obscurred by the “CSN WSH” box score)