According to Nicklas Backstrom, Tim Thomas apologized in the series-ending handshake line for punching him with his blocker, and other headshots Backstrom took from Boston players during the series against the Bruins, who the Caps sent home last night with a Game Seven overtime game-winning series-clinching beatiful ugly goal (G7OTGWSCBUG) by Joel Ward.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet quotes Backstrom (as translated into Russian by

During the handshake, Thomas apologized for punching me with his blocker in Game 2. He also apologized for all the punches to the face I’ve gotten from his teammates. You know, I was really glad to hear it. It was pleasant. You’ve got to respect moves like that. Tim is great.

It’s not easy to lose a series in the NHL, let alone lose it gracefully, but the reigning Stanley Cup champs bowed out with dignity last night after a hard-fought, tightly contested series. Several longer conversations took place in the handshake line, and after the game had ended, Thomas took a moment to skate over to a disappointed young fan and remind him to smile.

Now that’s class.

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  • Aaassss

    Even though I dont agree with him on a lot, I gotta say that Thomas displayed a class that perfectly exemplifies why I love this game. 

  • I’m still not sorry about the Obama signs.  But I really admire how Thomas handled himself after last night. Way to go.

  • Good Guy Thomas

  • PuckBuddyDoug

    Swedish Machine Always Polite

  • Breaklance

    Word that I had heard is that the kid Thomas skated over to was his son. Thomas is a fierce competitor, especially for a goalie, but it’s nice to see a class act like that at the end of a heart breaker for him and his team.

  • Priscilla

    Very classy.

  • Adam

    great sportsmanship!

  • I guess nobody told him that Sweden is a socialist country? 

    I kid, I kid… His world view may be a little wacky, but he’s a class act that one.

  • Rhino40



    *”I F-ing Love These F-ing Acronyms!!!”

  • Sgt. Hartman

    I agree that Thomas handled the loss like a gentleman, but I think the Obama signs probably picked up Thomas’ game rather than distracted from it.  Now…if you’d produced some signs that read, “Welcome to DC for Your IRS Audit, Tim!” or something to that effect, you might’ve shaken him a bit.

  • Before:     1.00 GAA .964  Sv%
    After:        2.8 GAA .907 Sv%

    So you’re wrong, and I accept your apology.

  • JustinC71

    Fight like hell.  Shake hands respectfully afterwords.  Class act Tim!

  • That’s Tim Thomas?  I thought it was the cowboy from Village People.

  • Rhino40

    Somebody check me here–I don’t quite trust my eyes:  Jason Chimera’s Playoff Beard seems like a hybrid of an Amish beard and that  prehensile über-goatee that Gerald Butler sported in 300.  Ne?

    I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but I feel a meme coming on…

    “This…is…Sparta Hockey!!!!!!”


  • Cherry

    This is to all the parents that have kids in sports…

    Tim Thomas is the athelete that you should want your child to look up to,
    I am a Nashville Predators fan, but this guy is GREAT!!!!!
    Thanks Tim for being the stand up guy you are….

  • Screw the Free Citizen

    I don’t get why he is so classy for doing what everyone does and shaking hands after a series. I guess Holtby gets a free punch at Horton next year as long as he apologizes after the fact.

  • CDizz

    You apparently missed the point. Duh, everyone shakes hands but what makes him classy was manning up and respectfully apologizing for his behavior and apologizing on the behalf of the rest of the team. He didn’t have to do that – he chose to.

  • I was right above where that happened I could not tell what he was doing…I love TT

  • Does anyone know whats going on with Poti? 

  • serpent

    Good question! I’ve been wondering,too. It’s as if he was dropped into a black hole . Would be nice for GMGM to come up with the occasional update.

  • richdvn

     I WANT to hate this guy. Why is he being difficult?

    No matter. King Henrik next. Moving on!

  • count0interrupt

    Reading the Canadian press ( ), you probably should have some regret about the Obama signs.  Canadians seem always to be eager to conflate political views on the right of the spectrum with racism in the US.  They saw the black face of Obama and decided that this was the reason Thomas declined the White House visit, not his strong differences with the President’s politics.  By encouraging people to taunt Thomas with Obama’s black face, you reinforced this mistaken conflation of ideas in the Canadian mind.  Not good.

  • Sgt. Hartman

    That’s pretty amusing how you reached that conclusion.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to think
    the Caps had something to do with the swell in Thomas’ GA average.

  • I didn’t draw any conclusions. I just dumped some stats and made the same joke about post hoc ergo propter hoc that we’ve been making on this site for weeks.

    But he did get worse after. That’s objective.

  • How the Canadian media plays fast and loose with issues of race and foreign politics is like the priority #1 for this site. We should issue a retraction post haste.

  • count0interrupt

     Very snarky, and perhaps even clever, Peter.  However, the fact remains that the actions of RMNB and followers have fed into a very destructive narrative in Canada and here at home about the US and race, which is dishonest about the political origins of racism (actually its home has been the Democratic party and the left for 150 years).  Your attempt to make light of this fact is pretty lame.

  • Canada’s interpretation of racial issues in America is neither our responsibility or concern.

    No jokes there. Time to move on.

  • DSaint

    Wasn’t a random fan… That was Thomas’ 7-year-old daughter.