When the Capitals drew the New York Rangers in the second round of the playoffs, we were a bit relieved that we wouldn’t have to deal with a player like Brad Marchand diving all over the ice this series.

Perhaps we spoke too soon. 3:50 into the first period, Rangers captain Ryan Callahan cross-checked Alex Semin as he went to the bench for a change. Semin responded appropriately by giving him a whack to the calf, which must be why Callahan dropped to the ice like he was shot. Video of the play is below the jump.

Predictably, the ref’s arm went up and only Semin was ushered to the box. His slashing penalty nullified an early power play for Washington.

Now if you want my analysis on the play, I see either matching minors for unsportsmanlike conduct (diving) on Callahan and a slash for Semin — or no penalties at all.

After watching the Bruins series, we’re worn out on gamesmanship. Come on boys, just play hockey.

  • Jco17325

    Torts later complains to the refs and accuses the Caps for diving. Classic.

  • sean

    The announcers parroted what Tort said also.  I hate NBC.

  • I wish the Bruins crashed the net/took it behind the net. Holtby is good but not superman…Here’s to hoping they take the leash off Ovi.

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  • greensucks

    caps fall all over the ice all the time like ovi at the end of the game….

  • Sprubee

    I’m more upset about the lack of penalty on whoever basically dove to trip Mojo when he had the shot.. Ok fine, no goal, but no penalty on NYR?? So I guess it’s gonna be That type of series, huh refs?

  • serpent

    If Sasha hadn’t been boxed for it, it would have been funny. A three Stooges skit.

  • Kyle Branin

    Capitals fans are the biggest pussies.  Look at DC trying to convince themselves they have dedicated sports fans, ahahaha. pathetic.

  • why are you here?