There was a point during the Capitals’ 3-1 loss to the New York Rangers when it seemed like victory was within reach. That moment came at the close of the second period.

Brooks Laich skated the puck into the Rangers’ zone with ten seconds left to go. He had a decision to make. Leading a 3-on-2 break in the closing seconds, he could have either pulled up and shot the puck from the perimeter, hoping for Jason Chimera to convert the rebound, or he could send a lateral pass over to the Capitals leading scorer, Alex Ovechkin, and see what magic he could make.

Instead, Laich opted for option C: a high-risk, high-reward hailmary saucer pass to Jason Chimera that would have to travel over two defenders’ sticks and somehow find the tape of his stick.

He chose C, and he made it work. Let’s review.

Laich believes Chimera can win a foot race against Dan Girardi…

…And lofts a saucer pass over Marc’s Staal’s stick.


Girardi might think he’s got this…

… but seriously, you guys…

The pass exceeds Girardi reach. It’s placed perfectly. All up to Chimera now.  

The puck lands right in front of Chimera…

… and hops onto the heel of his stick.

Chimera one-times the puck…

And scores though Lundqvist’s five-hole.

Just how Dale drew it up!

Torts is not happy. (Photo credit: Puck Buddys)

It was Chimera’s third goal in six career playoff games against Lundqvist (Thanks, Neil).

Video of the Chimera Goal