Photo: One Team, One Goal, One Cup

Outside Dulles Airport (Photo via @79CTG)

We were sent this image shortly after the Capitals 3-2 win on Monday. This photo is from the airport in Dulles, Virginia, where the Caps player should be arriving shortly. They’ll see this sign before they go to sleep tonight.

It seems like the whole region is getting behind the Caps, who are mounting their deepest postseason charge since 2009. We’re going to see the bandwagon fill up in the coming days, and that’s a good thing. Next person you see putting a Weagle decal on his car or wearing a Holtbeast t-shirt? Give ’em a friendly nod, welcome them aboard, and give ’em our URL.

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Photo via @ngreenberg

When the Caps met the Rangers in the playoffs last year, the fans got into the action. At Game Four, Madison Square Garden chanted “Can You Hear Us?” At Game Five, Verizon Center responded with “We Are Louder.” This year, the Rangers faithful have come up with a somewhat more sophisticated chant, and they seem quite pleased with themselves: they count down the seconds to the 8:00 mark and then shout Ovi Sucks in unison.

They appear to have picked this up from their first round opponents, the Ottawa Senators, who had been in the habit of counting down to 11:00 to support their captain Daniel Alfredsson — so really, it’s not just a highly complicated chant, it’s also a highly complicated knockoff. We’re almost insulted.

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RESULTS: Caps beat Rangers 3-2

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

Game One of the conference semifinals was a bore. Also: a loss. But the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers brought a lot more oomph to Game Two. It was a hard-hitting, higher shooting, kind-of-awesome affair. And despite any controversies we may drudge up here or complaints we may file, the only thing that matters right now are results.

At 12:20 of the 2nd game of the 2nd series, player number 22 crashed the net. Yep, Mike Knuble got the game’s first goal capping off some good movement from Joel Ward and Keith Aucoin. Then… well it’s hard to explain, but we’ll try: the puck rolled over Carlson’s stick, setting up Kreider for a breakaway that Holtby defused. Beagle moved the puck up to Chimera, who dumped it to Matt Hendricks, who scored a no-look goal*. (Phew!)

Brad Richards scored a 4-on-4 goal as neither Brouwer or Wideman could catch him in transition, and the second period went scoreless.

The Rangers tied it up with a powerplay goal off Carlson’s back halfway through the third period. Carlson reversed that by drawing an interference penalty from Richards, which Alex Ovechkin instantly transmogrified into the game-winning goal. Caps beat Rags 3-2.

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The weather is getting nice, and we at RMNB thought you might need some new t-shirts to wear. Well, that and the whole playoffs thing.

And since I didn’t have anything to do with the making of these shirts, I can tell you this without reservation: These shirts are totally freaking awesome. Let me show you them.

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