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When the Caps met the Rangers in the playoffs last year, the fans got into the action. At Game Four, Madison Square Garden chanted “Can You Hear Us?” At Game Five, Verizon Center responded with “We Are Louder.” This year, the Rangers faithful have come up with a somewhat more sophisticated chant, and they seem quite pleased with themselves: they count down the seconds to the 8:00 mark and then shout Ovi Sucks in unison.

They appear to have picked this up from their first round opponents, the Ottawa Senators, who had been in the habit of counting down to 11:00 to support their captain Daniel Alfredsson — so really, it’s not just a highly complicated chant, it’s also a highly complicated knockoff. We’re almost insulted.

But anyone who knows Alex Ovechkin knows that crowd attention of any kind feeds him. Amid controversy and near-nonstop chatter about Ovechkin’s ice time this series, the captain stepped up when the Caps were tied 2-2 in the third period, and scored the game-winning goal on the power play.

Video of Ovi’s GWG

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What’s that, Rangers fans? He can’t hear you.

This is Ovechkin’s 5th postseason GWG, the first of these playoffs. Pro-tip, MSG, from us to you. If you take that kind of time and effort to chant at a guy that he sucks — he probably doesn’t suck.


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  • Mcrere_va

    I love Ovi but if he’s going to make those gestures I’m going to need to see more goal production–otherwise he looks like an ass (and we don’t need that)

  • Breed16

    LOL McPhee scream at the end of the video.

  • Breed16


  • Sentientcheese

     y’mean 6 points in 9 games?

  • Sullidav

    Backstrom deserves get 2 assists on this one — one for feeding the puck to Ovi, another for then tying up the Rags’ center which allowed Ovi the clean shot.

  • Can we please get a GIF of the McPhee diddy he does there at the end?

  • Guestz

    man, this makes much more sense than when i thought they were saying Holtby sucks. So those NYers aren’t as dumb as i had thought… well. i dunno. they’re still pretty dumb.

  • Bellka

    This is my favorite “I can’t hear you” by Ovi!

  • Guest

     with like 15 min ice time

  • Vtandrew


    .”Ovi Sucks” chant didn’t work too well tonight.

  • jspoke

    I thought they were saying Holtby sucks as well. Thought they were trying to rattle the beast. Wait? Would that really be a bad thing? 🙂

  • Ana
  • The Caps are tied 1-1 with the Rangers in the 2nd round of the playoffs after defeating the defending Stanley Cup Champions in Round 1. Scott Gomez sucks. Neither the Caps nor Ovi, suck.

  • Rocktheredva

     They did chant Holtby sucks at one point, I think it was right before Chimera scored 🙂  hahaha idiots!

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  • Avatar version. Via Romao and me.

  •  They were.  But when 18,000 or so people are chanting it, “Ovie sucks” and “Holtby sucks” sound awfully familiar. 

    Think we need to revive our WE ARE LOUDER chant for tomorrow night.

  • Jclifford

     This is how we fix problem in the Russian space station!
    –Lev Andropov, Armageddon

  • ThomasDickenairy

    How about we count down to the 8th minute like this:
    8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 YOUR CHANTS SUCK!

  • Lulu

    adding clip to my Ovi montage video im working on.  Its gonna be awesome!

  • Adam

    The GR8 8!!

  • serpent

    Agreed!! Great heads up play by Nick!

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