Photo: One Team, One Goal, One Cup

Outside Dulles Airport (Photo via @79CTG)

We were sent this image shortly after the Capitals 3-2 win on Monday. This photo is from the airport in Dulles, Virginia, where the Caps player should be arriving shortly. They’ll see this sign before they go to sleep tonight.

It seems like the whole region is getting behind the Caps, who are mounting their deepest postseason charge since 2009. We’re going to see the bandwagon fill up in the coming days, and that’s a good thing. Next person you see putting a Weagle decal on his car or wearing a Holtbeast t-shirt? Give ’em a friendly nod, welcome them aboard, and give ’em our URL.

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  • Photoshop Guy

    One must not forget. Today is May 1st. What does that mean?

  • Photoshop Guy

    That’s what we call entry music. Take note CSN!

  • Guestz

    this team is your team. this team is my team. from harpers ferry, all the way to richmond. the CAPS are winning, because they love us. this team was made for you and me.

  • Truth Seekr

    No! I hate bandwagoners and if I see anybody wearing such paraphernalia I will force them to answer a questionnaire to prove their true loyalty to the Almighty Capitals. If they fail, I will staunchly declare, “You shall not pass!” and curb stomp their bitch asses on the front steps of the Phone Booth.

  • Eric G

    Really? People have to start being fans somewhere.

  • Moirawrite

    Well, I woke up to see this on RMNB and it made me very happy–can only imagine how it must make the Caps feel.   So excited for them!

  • Michele

    Y’all should make business cards we could leave on windshields of cars that have weagles or flags or caps decals… just to pass on the awesomeness that is this site 🙂

  • Ana

    I really like how some random guy at an airport created a better slogan than 95% of NHL postseason marketing. 

  • Above the first line:  “1 Holtbeast”

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  • Yep.

    That comment got spiked for naughtiness, but I disagree with its message too.

  • Tonyfaj

    i doubt it was the airport it self working there. but i am glad as hell to see this sign for a while i felt like the only caps fan in that god forsaken place. next big road win(game 5 or 7 win in ny) we need more people out there to greet them when they come back i was there after bruins series win and there was just myself my wife and brother and law and 1 more. for shame people!

  • serpent

    It’d make a nice t-shirt,too.

  • Andi Bigelow

     Beltane? 🙂

  • Ernesto22

    We’re doing that! 🙂 Glad you like…:)

  • Ernesto22

    Here’s how random it was, i was on business in PHX for a big aviation conference and i was watching Game 2 in NY with a bunch of DC folks, including the Airport Director for Dulles – after he won, he asked me what to say, as he had control of the message board, and that’s what i came up with…we are making T-shirts that will be here in time for Game 6 (Good Lord willing)..thanks for the shout out!