During the Russian National Team’s media day before the World Championships, Evgeny Kuznetsov announced that he will be staying in the KHL for two more seasons.

As per Artem Kuznetsov of R-Sport:

“It was a tough decision, I talked to my parents and decided to stay in Chelyabinsk for two more years. The contract hasn’t been signed yet though. I’ve decided right away that I won’t go to any other Russian team. If I did, it would be a VHL [KHL’s minor affiliate league] team.”

The forward said that he made the final decision himself. According to him, contract details have been settled, but the deal hasn’t been signed.

“First of all, I really want to make the Olympic team badly. We have a strong team, I’ll get some experience and will play,” said the winger, who also added that the Capitals, who own his rights in North America, have not yet been notified about his decision.

According to Championat.com, he also said that “he wanted to go to America too.”

  • Snow-ape

    They know now…

  • Daisy

    Well that sucks.

  • count0interrupt

    We’ll see. A signed contract will convince me. The rest is just talk.

  • Seth

    Trade his rights.

  • A$$hole. Come to the Caps. We need the scoring threat. SMH. 

    Ugh. Sorry. Good luck over there.

  • HA

    kuznetsov = radulov

  • Asirainis

    How can any of you judge him? Read the article. He’s being forced to stay otherwise he won’t get picked for the Olympics. To Russia, Olympics is bigger than the Cup. They’ll do anything to win, even force a player to not go anywhere. He wanted to come to America. I’ll wait the two years and smile when he’s able to come. I’ll welcome him because this isn’t his fault. Hope those of you who are quick to judge him eventually see what the rest of the world sees.

  • Savvy

    If Kuza’s not coming, in my dream world we would lure Tarasenko to us over the Blues.   But then again, if Kuznetsov is staying in Russia, I wonder if Tarasenko will stay there too.

  • Assuming for a moment that this is his final decision, I disagree with you.

    He is not being “forced to stay.” Maybe he is being “forced” to choose between the Olympics and the NHL, but even that is an assumption.

    And his buying into the Russian cultural importance of the Olympics is also a choice.

    So I don’t accept your characterization.

  •  radulov = badulov

  • Photoshop Guy

    Sucha tease

  • HA

     Ok, I take that back. He may be as bad as Rads.

  • Theycallmebigben

    What if it’s just a head fake like last time?

  • McPhee

     I’m tired of this just trade him.

  • blip

    The thing that’s making me most sad about this? That idiotic people  will now (and are doing so) jump on this and wave it around to show that “OMG, all Russian players suck!!! Stop drafting people from KHL!! He’s a selfish player/can’t play in the NHL/overrated/a diva/would cause problems in the locker room/too egoistic/yadda yadda!”

    FYI, Kuznetsov =/= all the Russians in the NHL or in the KHL. Also, stop making assumptions that only make you look stupid. He has valid reasons to stay in the KHL, while your arguments are as leaky as a broken faucet.

    (PS- not directed towards anyone on here. Well, unless you posted something of this sort. Also, sorry for the rant. But I don’t see very many places where Caps fan don’t post stuff like this and are actually level-headed. RMNB is one such place.)

  • gg

    What’s irritating to me is that if he had every intention of staying all along, why wait until the end of your contract to announce it?  What purpose does that serve other than to disappoint your “future” team/fans?

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  • So sorry that he’s “buying into” the Russian cultural importance of the Olympics instead of “buying into” the North American importance of the Stanley Cup.